Thursday, November 9, 2006

Our Readers Respond...

Dear Editor:

I am Steven Kaufman’s attorney and must strongly react to the Letter to the Editor of the “Anonymous police employee who can’t get involved,” which appeared on Oct. 5, 2006.

Mr. Kaufman’s medical condition is real and has repeatedly been confirmed by a host of physicians. Mr. Kaufman is not an active fire-fighter and denies the other assertions made about his firefighter status. Equally untrue is the allegation that Mr. Kaufman has been doing electrical work.

Mr. Kaufman’s claim against the Town started before any purported investigation by the Town. The disciplinary charges against Mr. Kaufman are bogus and he will be exonerated, if justice prevails. As Mr. Kaufman’s court papers show, it is the Town who has played the “race card”, by discriminating against police officers of a
certain ethnicity.

Alan E. Wolin, Esq.

Dear Editor:

It is a sad commentary that most of the candidates only criticize their opponents, but do not state to the electorate what they themselves plan on doing for the public, if elected. A person who criticizes his or her opponent, without giving his or her solution to the issues at hand, is self-serving only, and without merit.

To provide a personal example, I submitted an appeal to several of our candidates for office to assist in creating legislation to ENFORCE the provision in the AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT of the USA, which covers vast numbers of physically handicapped Veterans, senior citizens, and all disabled people. Few responded, without any expressed commitment whatsoever.

The voters should reject criticisms by any candidate or another without some constructive proposals as to their own platform. WE DO DESERVE BETTER.

Howard W. Rasher, Esq.

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