Thursday, November 2, 2006

Spano Asks County Executive to Create Inter-Agency Task Force

State Senator Nicholas Spano, responding to his opponent Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ call for Justice Department
poll monitors for next week’s coming election, stated that he had already approached County Executive Andy Spano in a letter two weeks ago, asking him to set up a task force in cooperation with the Justice Department to insure that no voters are disenfranchised.

Spano complained two years ago that people were bused in from the Bronx and elsewhere, into the 35th District. Those allegations were never substantiated.

Stewart-Cousins Writes Justice Department For Poll Monitors

Last Monday Democratic candidate for State Senate from the 35th District, Andrea Stewart-Cousins held
a press conference at Lincoln High School in Yonkers, in part, to announce that she had sent a letter to
the Department of Justice in Washington requesting poll watchers for the upcoming election, in light of the irregularities and difficulties encountered by voters in her contest with Nick Spano in 2004.

County Legislators Jose Alvarado, and Lois Bronz were both present. Alvarado charged, “All we have in our polling places in my district are bullies.” Lois Bronz complained,“Irregularities two years ago surely impacted the outcome of the election.”

Stewart-Cousins, stepping to the podium, declared, “In 2004 there was a lack of poll workers equipped with maps to direct voters to the right polling places, and overaggressive Republican poll watchers intimidating voters
in some areas of Yonkers.

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