Thursday, February 8, 2007

Our Readers Respond...

More Kudos

Dear Editor:

Your Jan. 25 issue is an excellent issue, from the expose of Cavallo, the informative piece on the hospital shutdowns, to Fred Polvere’s on Iraq.

You got me, I’m gonna be a Guardian regular from now on.

Ed Homan

Distressed with New Castle Town Board

Dear Editor:

Not only is the Town of New Castle not holding Lt. Vize responsible for his bad acts, they have rewarded him. This past summer his son was given a job with the New Castle water department. The son has since resigned to be appointed to the Mount Vernon Police Department. The New Castle Police Department does not hire from a Civil Service list. Chief Breen fills vacancies by taking transferees from other police departments. By doing
so Breen does not have to pay for a new hire to go through the police academy.

I am sure that as soon as a vacancy occurs in the New Castle Police Department Vize Jr. will be hired away from Mount Vernon. I can’t believe the Town Board has not taken action against Breen, Vize, et al. Please keep the heat on them!!

Great work!
Name withheld

An Authoritative Warning

Dear Editor:

Clearly, there are weather variations, climatic oscillations, and spikes in temperatures cause by the Earth’s natural geologic processes but there is no compelling proof to support the theory of global warming beyond one’s limited observations, imperfect weather records, and inadequate computer simulations. However the evidence for pollution, toxic poisoning, and contamination of our waterways by man is overwhelming and undeniable.

Local, state and national leaders, legislators, and lawyers have abrogated their responsibility to protect our groundwater, rivers and oceans in fear of their political career, lobbyist pressure, and losing contributions from big business. Water conservation is one thing but contamination is another. It is unconscionable to divert attention away from the life-threatening pollution of the world’s waterways by alleging global warming. The time to act is now before we and the planet are destroyed by foul water.


Edwin P. Heideman

The writer is a Professor of Physics/Geology.

In Our Opinion...

Really, Phil?

Columnist Phil Reisman’s recent piece, Media Still Feast On Pirro Foibles, is but one of several instances over the years where he would appear to be trying to separate himself from the superficial, gossipy pack, offering commentary intended to appear detached, insightful, and relevant. Somehow, whenever his Pirro treatments appear, one can’t help hearing strains of Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain in the background. After all, has he not been an integral part of the media hype and pablum so essential to maintaining the celebrity status of a chief law enforcement officer whose spouse just happens to be the most outrageous white-collar criminal in the county?

And, make no mistake; it has never been Mr. Reisman’s intention to bite the hands that, quite literally have fed him, neither Jeanine, nor Al, whose business partner, Gary Sherlock, just happened to be the President and Publisher of The Journal News. Unfortunately, constrained as he found himself, from really telling the whole ugly Pirro story, somehow others’ less constrained accounts were distressing to him, causing him to describe such uninhibited reporters as “ranters.”

Mr. Reisman’s essential cynicism has served as an obstacle to his identifying, and dealing with, the outrageous criminal activities, and serious harm brought into the lives of innocent families by the “Power Couple,” as the media used to refer to the Pirros, as they stepped on and trashed morality and decency in their venal quest of fortune and power. Even now, as the horrific reality of their abuses bubbles to the surface, and the unmistakable stench of ripe septic surrounds them, Reisman would waste our time with comparisons of the Pirros with the Clintons, and with references to Jeanine such as “She’s a survivor, a climber, and, whether you hate her, or love her, one of the few Westchester politicians with guts to try to break out of the minor leagues of local politics to
make a run for the national scene.” Alas, what an obscene personal servicing.

He actually admires the evil, self-promoting wretch. He’s a columnist, not a reporter, and exposure of the truth is not his mandate. He can pretend that she didn’t arrange the kidnapping of Jing Kelly’s baby, didn’t keep Jeffrey
Deskovic in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, didn’t withhold 376 pages of exculpatory evidence from Anthony DiSimone, didn’t send police officer Richard DiGuglielmo to prison with coerced altered testimony for
saving his middle-aged father’s life from a bat-wielding assailant, didn’t cut a deal with two dozen teens who let Rob Viscome die, because her daughter Kiki was at the party, didn’t send police officer Matthew McKerrick to
prison with perjured testimony, etc. To Phil Reisman these violations of civil rights are mere “warts.” To him, “Jeanine is interesting. She is one of us.”

Here’s a news flash, Phil: She may be one of yours, but she certainly isn’t one of ours. She is a criminal, whose violations of the human rights of virtually hundreds of decent, innocent, individuals, through the blatant abuse
of her powers over a dozen years, will soon result in her indictment, and conviction. And, will ultimately cost you, and every taxpayer of Westchester, tens of millions of dollars in civil damage awards. Pretty expensive warts!

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