Thursday, March 1, 2007

Our Readers Respond...

Courage Is Refreshing

Dear Editor:

One of my grandmother’s favorite sayings is, “If everyone is for you and no one’s against you, you must be doing something wrong.”
Congrats to The Westchester Guardian for going after Westchester County’s power-hungry, self-motivated politicians and others. Thank God and all Americans who walked before us for the strength of conviction of Westchester Guardian’s Publisher and Editor. Rest assured this weekly is the only publication for the residents of Westchester because the price of guarding all of us is high, and the Publisher and Editor can take comfort in knowing that the residents of this fine county are supporting you. I feel deep inside that all readers find your courage refreshing.

I write to The Westchester Guardian’s publisher, editor and feature columnists and quote the fitting Psalm 55 verse 22: Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved. “When God is for you, who can be against you.”

I’m with you.

Mount Vernon

Reader Responds to Columnist Camacho

Dear Editor:

I found Ms. Camacho’s article about the anti-immigration e-mail petitions interesting and well written (Emails Encouraging
Fear of Foreigners, Feb. 8).

I disagree with only one point in the article. Namely that the businesses that employ illegals are the main and/or sole beneficiaries of illegal immigrant labor. I disagree for several reasons. One is that the customers of that employer also benefit from his ability to use his higher profits to lower prices.

The employer doesn’t do this to be a nice guy but because it is a good way to keep and increase market share. The employer’s fellow taxpayers also benefit because his higher profits will cause either his/her business or himself (or both) to pay higher taxes and take some of the burden off of them.

But my major objection to the article is that Ms. Camacho, like her opponents, uses a very misleading form of expense accounting. She starts her cost benefit calculations at the point in time that the illegal worker shows up in America: 18 years of age and ready to work. Like her opponents, she ignores the enormous expenses that U.S. residents and taxpayers did NOT have to pay to get an 18-year-old worker. Namely the many thousands of dollars for food and clothing that his/her parents spent. And all of the other bills that started when the pregnancy was first noticed and never stopped for the next 18 years and however many months.

She also ignores the taxes that all the residents of his/her country (including the parents) had to pay to cover the costs of whatever education the child received. And to provide the other governmental services like fire, police, etc.

Overall, the amount of money that illegals cost us in unpaid for emergency room visits, is trivial compared to the amount of money they save us in both avoided expenses and reduced costs of goods and services. And finally, the security of the United States has been is proportionately dependant on the foreign-born ever since Tadeusz Kociuszko designed the fortifications on the Hudson River. They protected West Point and kept the British Navy from sailing up the Hudson and splitting the colonies, transporting and supporting a landing force, etc.

That situation continued through World War II where only one of the top half-dozen atomic bomb developers was actually born in
the U.S. And it continues today in Iraq.

Dan Schustack

Civil Rights Should Extend to The Unborn

Dear Editor:

The political system of today is producing a myriad of criticism over the current administration’s policies in Iraq and at home. As someone once said, war is a monument to the stupidity of man. There are other ways of achieving peace besides violence. What puzzles me is that the critics of the war are not criticizing the enormous loss of life caused by abortion. An unborn child being developed in the mother’s womb has as much right to life as you or I do. It appears that our values are somewhat convoluted. People raise their voices and fists for in the air clamoring for civil rights, why don’t they raise their voices and fists for the civil rights of our unborn citizens?

We have been provided with the rules of life with the Ten Commandments. If we adhere to these rules we will survive as a society. If we
don’t, we will self destruct.

George Imburgia
New Rochelle

Keep Up The Great Work!

Dear Editor:

I’ve enjoyed your articles on the corruption in Westchester County politics, and wish you all the best. I know first-hand about the corrupt
practices of County employees. I sued the County Department of Human Resources for violation of federal, state and local reemployment
(veteran’s) rights, and also filed a complaint against the Law Department with the EEOC, for discrimination based on gender.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Name Withheld

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