Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pirro Homes Up for Sale In Certain Expectation of Civil Suits

By Carol Waldman

In light of recent articles in the daily press and on television regarding the sale of Al and Jeanine Pirro’s homes in Harrison as well as West Palm Beach, Fla., and the attendant speculation that there might be an impending divorce, The Guardian attempted to get information
from Al Pirro, who had managed to elude all other news sources.

Last Tuesday, a call to The Pirro Group (Al Pirro’s office) was answered by Al himself. The Guardian wanted to give Mr. Pirro an open forum to speak his mind and to put the rampant speculation about divorce to rest. We were surprised that he had answered the phone himself but he reassured us that his secretary had, “momentarily stepped away from her desk.” Actually it was fortuitous because we got to speak with Al himself rather than waiting for a return phone call which very likely would never have come.

With this sudden and unexpected entry into his domain, we briefly made small talk and then explained who we were and the purpose of our call. With that explanation the ‘winds of change’ blew over, and Al’s voice became much less playful and more serious. Mr. Pirro asked sternly, “What paper?” Once again, we announced, “ The Guardian.” Knowing that we might be treading on thin ice at this point, we attempted to keep him in a conversational mood stating that we were calling to give him, “an opportunity to speak your mind.”

We quickly asked, “Why are you selling your two houses?” and he, just as quickly, but firmly, answered, “No comment.” Picking up on speculation by Bill O’Shaughnessy, New Rochelle radio station owner, and writer; and long-time friend of the Pirros, we then asked, “Are you moving out of town?” Once again, Al responded, “No comment.”

Pushing the limit we posed one final question, “Are you and Mrs. Pirro planning to divorce?” We knew that our conversation would likely draw to a close at this point. There was heavier breathing on the phone as he emphatically said, “No comment.”

We then thanked Mr. Pirro for his time and wished him good luck.

The Westchester Guardian is aware that the inevitable flood of civil actions against the County of Westchester, specifically naming former District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, has begun.

Attorneys for Jeffrey Deskovic have filed a Notice of Claim in Federal District Court naming her in a 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 Civil Rights action. Readers will recall that Mrs. Pirro stubbornly refused, over a 7-year period, to permit a comparison of Jeffrey Deskovic’s DNA with the DNA Database established in New York State in 1999.

Seven separate appeals made by Mr. Deskovic, an innocent man who, at the age of 16, had been maliciously charged and prosecuted in the rape and murder of Angela Correa, a 15-year-old fellow Peekskill High School student in November 1989, were refused by DA Pirro, despite the fact that Deskovic’s DNA did not match the DNA found in the victim’s body and that his hair follicles did not match those found on her body.

The net result of Jeanine Pirro’s mindless refusal to pursue the truth was that an innocent man, who had already served 10 years for a crime he had not committed, was compelled to serve nearly seven more. It’s reasonable to conclude that the Pirros, both attorneys, aware of this suit and, in anticipation of others, are attempting to sell each of their homes and shelter the proceeds to avoid the placement of liens against those properties as a consequence of any successful civil action against the former D.A.

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