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Our Readers Respond...

All For Lodging A Complaint Against Yonkers Police

Dear Editor:

How many people find it strange that in a city such as Yonkers, there are a large number of defendants choosing
JAIL over parole with no jail. Am I missing something? Does jail offer more perks that I imagine?

No. The issue is that Yonkers quickly finds violations on the parolees and that person can end up in jail for SEVEN years if found in violation. Does this mean the alleged “criminal” is guilty of a parole violation? No. I see this with TASC.

After being accused of “making a face” (by the same officer I reported to the DA and which they then sent to Internal Affairs), I was told I was in violation of TASC. I was told that I did not call TASC in the first 48 hours after my arrest for my “face”. Luckily I called for the appointment in FRONT of my then attorney. Even though my attorney wrote an affidavit that I called, a Ms. Torres, stated in court I was not compliant and did not call.

When my attorney said on the record that I had an appointment for that coming Friday with her, she said it was not good for her and she made a different appointment in court. I went to the second appointment. I went all the way to White Plains, even though I was ill, only to find that the entire TASC was closed for a seminar. I received no notification. Again, TASC announced in court…NON-compliant. This was another false accusation. The DA and Porcari wanted bail…for what? The court would not accept my attorney’s af-fidavit showing I WAS compliant to this day……..

TASC and the DA are continually bringing me into court trying to get $10,000 bail, or put me in jail….they called a counselor I am forced to see…………….he was out of the country….the DA forced me into court trying to say “noncompliant” again. But, how could they confirm this or not?

The man was not in the country…Rather than wait to “see” if I was compliant or not, the DA forced me to go to court where the judge said it could not be determined if I was compliant since the counselor was out of the country. But in court the DA demanded ANOTHER FULL years’ Order of Protection with no hearing allowed just as no hearing was allowed for the first Order of Protection and no trial was allowed either…..
1 ½ years until MAYBE a trial for allegedly making a face. Of course with me, this was to keep me out of my home in a property dispute. Yonkers gets to retaliate against me for suing regarding my property in 2001 in Federal Court.

As long as I am forced to go to TASC, I can be arrested on any day on an allegation of non-compliance. The forensic did not order me to counseling….The DA did……..the forensic never gave any bad report but TASC
without speaking to me and without ever even ordering anything….continually claims non-compliance and
counseling needs to be for extended time…..My trial will not be soon and since the judges are biased……I
highly doubt it will take place or else it will be adjourned even longer. Jail? I would have been out of jail by now if I chose Jail instead of TASC.

Dr. Sherry Bobrowsky

Concerned About New Rochelle Development

Dear Editor:

In White Plains Cappelli accepted brownfield government money for his construction, but in New Rochelle when United Water “demanded” that Cappelli pay for the needed water main improvements for the Trump Plaza development, Cappelli claimed the $2.47 million cost would be “onerous.” Instead he offered to pay $87,000 because Avalon paid $466,000 for its two buildings.

Consequently, United Water led a petition with the Public Service Commission because they did not want their customers to pay for infrastructure improvements which were essential for Trump Plaza. This is not the only problem New Rochelle residents will be having with high rise construction. Peggy Godfrey elaborated on a similar situation with Con Edison and their request to raise gas and electricity rates because of demands for power for new, larger projects. Con Edison told the Public Service Commission they were “strapped” and needed to charge more because of projects such as Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic yards in Brooklyn. A rate
increase will force its customers to subsidize this project.

It’s hard to believe that the taxpayers of New Rochelle would willingly pay more for their utilities because of large scale, dense development in downtown. I have consistently supported a referendum for city-wide council representation to return to a city united instead of divided.

As a taxpayer we should have the right to vote for all our council people and mayor not just the one in our district
because that is what is dividing the city.Whether we live north, east, south or west we should not be strapped to voting in only one district. We all live in the city and we all pay taxes for all the council representatives and we
should have the right to vote for all of our council representatives. This is unfair to the voters and taxpayers and the council members. Peggy Godfrey’s concern for the future of our city and the people who live here is unsurpassed and I would like to vote for her but can’t under the present system. I urge all people in District two to vote for Dr. Peggy Godfrey because she can teach a lot of the present council people the things they don’t understand or don’t want to understand.

Isabella Camillone,
New Rochelle

In Our Opinion...

Westchester’s Politics Of Fix, Force, and Fraud

Word last week that campaign signs and posters of incumbent Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner, and his Democratic running mates, Kevin Morgan, Sonja Brown, and Judith Beville, had been stolen, removed, and defaced came as no great shock to those familiar with the level of rancor, and criminality all too common in the conduct of election campaigns in Westchester for many years now. And, unlike similar problems on the national scene, it really isn’t about Republicans versus Democrats.

In Westchester it’s about the “Cabal”, the ruling clique, made up of so-called Democrat, Republican, and Independence Party, candidates and operatives versus the People’s Constitutional Right to Choose. That truth is evidenced by the fact that the Greenburgh incidents involve the upcoming Democratic Primary, while in the same
moment the failed, frivolous court challenge brought against Yonkers Republican City Councilman John Murtagh, by Jodi Mosiello, prompted and financed by Nick Spano, Giulio Cavallo, and Zehy Jereis, involved the upcoming Republican Primary.

But then again Nick, and his enforcers, have been involved in so much election fraud over the past several years, much of that time aided and protected by former District Attorney and co-conspirator, Jeanine Pirro. Perhaps, the reality that she is in really desperate straits herself, and can no longer protect them, hasn’t registered with them as yet. Of course, they cannot allow themselves to imagine that, even now, she may be rolling over on them to the United States Attorney in an effort to lessen her own prison time. And so, they simply continue down the same wellworn path in their “do or die” effort to retain control. Often it has been the case that corrupt, thieving politicians and operatives who have been getting away with election fraud, and race fixing, continue to do so, despite the risk of discovery and prosecution, because they simply cannot function any other way.

Nick Spano is a wonderful example of that phenomenon. In the election of 2000 his campaign director, and “legal wunderkind,” Anthony Mangone, incidently, still practicing law, admitted forging 166 Green Party Primary Ballots for Nick. He admitted his crime against the People while under cross-examination by attorney Geoffrey Orlando, representing Dennis Wedra, a Yonkers Democratic operative, maliciously accused of Election Fraud by DA Jeanine Pirro in one of her many abuses of power to settle a personal political score. Mangone, the chief prosecution witness, not only was granted full immunity by Pirro, but also a full-time position in Al Pirro’s former law firm.

And, who can forget the Countywide elections of 2001? While other journalists, such as Phil Reisman for The Journal News, have preferred, over the years, to ‘soft pedal’ what occurred, referring to it as the “non-aggression pact,” We have consistently identi-fied the race fixing, and election fraud that determined the outcome, returning all three incumbents, Andy Spano, Jeanine Pirro, and Leonard Spano to office.

Schemed, and executed by Deputy County Executive Larry Schwartz, then State Senator Nick Spano - there’s that name again - and former Pirro spokesperson, and strategist, David Hebert, aided and abetted by such other players as Giulio Cavallo, Zehy Jereis, current Supreme Court Justice William Giacomo, Mount Vernon City Clerk Lisa Copeland, Election Commissioner Reggie Lafayette, and disgraced, recently resigned Supreme Court Justice Larry Horowitz; the fix of 2001 was but one of many criminal conspiracies- that determined election outcomes in Westchester in recent years. They involved federal crimes that We believe ought to be high on United States Attorney Michael Garcia’s list of investigations.

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