Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sayegh Officially Enters Race for Yonkers Mayor Files More Than Four Times Required Number Of Signatures

In a show of overwhelming grass-roots support, Independence Party candidate Nader Sayegh filed petitions for Mayor with over four times the required number of signatures. Sayegh, a School Principal and Career Educator
with over 34 years of experience, will campaign on a theme calling for the improvement of Yonkers Schools
“by making sure that our children have all the resources necessary to excel in life.”

Sayegh declared, “Education is my top priority, and I will be the education candidate. When it comes to making
Yonkers Public Schools the best they can be, my opponent, Phil Amicone, talks the talk but I have walked the walk.”

As a resident of Yonkers for more than 50 years, Mr. Sayegh has a long history of service to the community. As mayor, he will draw from his experiences as a community activist, educator, and attorney, to competently address the issues of greatest concern to the people of Yonkers.

He was, himself, educated in the Yonkers Public Schools as were his five children. Sayegh reflected, “Everyone I meet is concerned about the lack of integrity and the lack of open government, as well as the abuse of political power, that has been taking place in Yonkers for years. I intend to vigorously address these issues head-on.”

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