Thursday, September 13, 2007

Clinton Young Declares: “It’s Time For A Change” Outlines ‘Mount Vernon First’ Comprehensive Plan of Action

Promising a direct line to the Mayor, and monthly meetings between the public and all City commissioners, Clinton Young, candidate for Mayor of Mount Vernon, also promised a guaranteed response to all inquiries within 24 hours.

Recognizing the stagnant state of the City’s economy, Young proposed the immediate development of a Master Plan, coupled with the establishment of an Economic Development Office for the purpose of promoting existing businesses and attracting new ones. He declared, “Our young people must be able to find employment opportunities within their own City.”

Speaking further about the City’s youth, he proposed the establishment of a Youth Services Commission, whose goals and objectives would include the expansion of educational and recreational opportunities, training programs, and the cultivation of employment opportunities. He indicated that the need to bring about safe streets and safety in Mount Vernon schools are amongst his highest priorities.

Young declared that he can no longer remain silent in the face of the abuse of power and total disregard for the Democratic process. He suggested that from his vantage point as a County Legislator for the past 12 years he is uniquely quali-fied to assess the decline Mount Vernon has experienced under the Ernie Davis administration. He indicated that he views election to the Mayor’s Office as an opportunity to bring about positive change in the way the City is governed.

What Needs To Be Changed

• We must immediately cease the practice of tax abatement whereby business is attracted to Mount Vernon in exchange for inequitable tax relief which benefits the businesses and provides only token financial benefit to the city.

• The sporadic and inconsistent delivery of services. It is unacceptable that trash remains uncollected and snowremains on Mount Vernon streets creating infestations of rats and hazardous driving conditions while Mayor Davis boasts of a budget surplus.

• Denying the people of this City their Constitutional right to participatein open forum, provide comment andexercise their right to due process wherethey deem it appropriate prior to theestablishment and/or implementationof policies which will affect them, their families and their neighbors.

How Mayor Young Will Change It

• As Mayor, Clinton Young will establish a fair and consistent policy for commercial development. his policy
will benefit Mount Vernonites and at a minimum be required to demonstrate compatibility with the long-term growth of the Mount Vernon Community.

• As Mayor, Clinton Young will provide the expertise necessary for effective planning which will insure timely and consistent delivery of services. The future course of action for Mount Vernon will be determined only after the complex relationship between resources and objectives is carefully examined.

• As Mayor, Clinton Young’s administration is committed to the legal and open process which is already a part of our City Charter but which has been alternately adhered to and disregarded at the sole discretion of Mayor Ernest D. Davis. the process for the awarding of city contracts and all city business will be conducted in the strictest compliance with existing laws, and all contracts found to have been issued in violation of established
policy will be nullified and put out for rebid.


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