Thursday, September 20, 2007

Retaliatory Harassment By Hall And Marracccini Continues Against PBA President Officer Tancredi

Friday night, September 7th the Westchester Guardian was present at Harrison Town Police Headquarters
when Police Officer Ralph Tancredi, accompanied by P.B.A. Attorneys Gustavo L. Vila, and Gregory Kuczinski, emerged following a late-night arraignment before Town Justice Mark Lust. Tancredi’s appearance was in response to the latest in a series of harassments totally unrelated to his performance as a Harrison
Police Officer.

Questioned, following the arraignment, Attorney Vila told the Guardian that the information regarding two misdemeanors, Petty Larceny, and third Degree Menacing, as well as Second Degree Harassment, a violation, was essentially hearsay. Chief David Hall and Captain Anthony Marraccini, and officers compelled to do their
bidding, have been retaliating against Officer Tancredi using a 25-year-old female acquaintance, with immigration issues, in an all-out retaliatory e- ort against him because of actions by his union membership in United States District Court brought on by the installation of audio and video recording devices in the locker room at Harrison Police Headquarters, as well as the the by taking and fraud of a $2,500 donation to the union by Chief Hall.

Tancredi was additionally charged with Criminal Contempt allegedly having violated a Temporary Order of Protection, issued in connection with a separate matter in which Tancredi, in his civilian capacity, was actually threatened by a companion of the same young woman, from whom a sawedoff bat had to be taken by a responding Harrison Police Officer. The alleged violations involve communication with the young woman by
Officer Tancredi’s wife, as well as his mother, each of whom have independent relationships with her, and neither of whom were ever specifically prohibited from communicating with her.

A number of Harrison Police O cers have expressed their gratitude to the Guardian for exposing the wrongdoings and anti-union activities of Chief Hall and Captain Marraccini. One officer explained, “If not for your newspaper, they would pick us off one at a time.”

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