Thursday, October 5, 2006

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You cannot preserve the Constitution by violating it, and George W. Bush, the forty-third President of the United States, knows that. Furthermore, he who would enforce the Law must live by it.

The Bush Administration in its single-minded obsession with its “War on Terror,” would like the Congress, and the American People, to virtually deliver, carte blanche, a blank check to finance, and a pre-approval to pardon, any, and all Constitutional violations and criminal activity they continue to engage in “under the color of law.”

Daniel Ellsberg, whose whistle-blowing leak, of the so-called Pentagon Papers, to the New York Times, in 1971, probably hastened this country’s departure from Vietnam by at least two years, makes a most important point, when he says, “An oath to preserve and protect the Constitution, is not an oath to obey the President.” His argument goes right to the heart of the Administration’s flawed interpretation of the Federal Oath of Loyalty.

In fact, if the President chooses to engage in and/or encourage others to engage in unlawful, unconstitutional, activities, irrespective of the exigency of the circumstances, or the logic of the rationalization offered, obeying and covering up such conduct is clearly against one’s oath to “preserve, and protect the Constitution.” It is the President and those who willingly follow his dictates who violate the ‘Law of the Land’.

In a recent interview Ellsberg expressed his grave concern that the President is, even now, pointing this country toward an “inevitable war with Iran,” as predicted in Time Magazine last week. We would agree with his assessment, looking back on the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, that the press then, became so preoccupied with the preparations for, and ultimate execution of, the military action, it failed to question the accuracy, or
the legitimacy of the Weapons of Mass Destruction claim.

The press must never relax its vigilance as the ultimate “watchdog” in the perpetual struggle between government expedience and the individual rights of citizens in a truly free society. The Founding Fathers were very clear in this regard, choosing to specifically identify “the press” amongst four freedoms of expression, including speech,
religion, and assembly. Unfortunately, over the past 60 years or so, since the advent of television, news presentation, even investigative reporting, has increasingly become a theatrical production.

Where are the great investigative journalists of yesteryear; writers and broadcasters with the courage and the gumption to stand up for what was right, and identify, no matter where the chips might have fallen, what was downright wrong? Who from amongst today’s popular broadcast journalists would have stood up to Senator Joseph McCarthy, as Edward R. Murrow did? Sadly, none come to mind.

We must encourage our young journalists to question the motives and actions of those we entrust with the power to govern. We must set aside all notions of “political correctness” if we are to continue to enjoy the fundamental freedoms bestowed by our forefathers, and repeatedly paid for in battle, over 230 years, with American blood.

Our Readers Respond...

Dear Editor,

I have enjoyed reading The Westchester Guardian weekly. Your mission statement to the public is to be an advocate for the people.

You also support adoption and rescue efforts for animals. Kodi’s Club has a similar mission in that it “gives a voice to those who have no voice”.

Kodi’s Club is a group of volunteers that collectively share the same passion for those under-valued homeless animals that exist in shelters. They are being featured as one of the most compassionate rescues on Animal Planet’s Animal Prescient for their rescuing of Clara, formally known as Helen. She is a Rottweiler that suffered
eight agonizing years of severe abuse to be rescued and now is fortunate enough to be fostered by a dog trainer volunteer. Kodi’s Club has chosen to rescue those dogs that have suffered neglect that are in high kill shelters. All dogs that are rescued get the same love and treatment. They receive love and affection and are placed into loving nurturing foster homes until an appropriate adoptive family is found.

Educating the public on the horrors of puppy mills, and those who profit from them such as pet stores and immoral breeders is the basic fundamental goal of Kodi’s Club. Over 25% of all dogs in these shelters are purebreds that were purchased and cast aside for various reasons. This is proof that breeding is not the way to find the “right” dog for you. As an animal lover myself, and one who has rescued dogs from illegitimate breeders,

I can speak from personal experience that you get the same love, loyalty and affection from all dogs equally.
Everyone can make a difference! Foster home, adoptive homes and financial contributions are what make any rescue successful.

Once again, I want to thank and applaud The Westchester Guardian for being in the forefront, and recognizing the needs of “those who cannot speak for themselves!”

Kristi Hunt
Croton Falls, New York

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