Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Readers Respond...

Reader Points Up Malfitano’s Poor Fiscal Management

Dear Editor:

Harrisonites are in a disastrous financial position now and in the foreseeable future, and Harrison could possibly be in a state of bankruptcy if Malfitano is reelected. Standard and Poor, the unbiased, non-political financial analyst, reports the following about Harrison:

1. Deteriorated financial position;

2. Financial reserves diminished;

3. Unbalanced budget, and overall debt burden;

4. Insufficient structural balance;

5. $400,000.00 operating deficit;

6. Failed to cover the 2004-2005 Village Budget deficit, and overspent the budget by $800,000 in spite of selling $2,391,000 of Village property;

7. The 2006 Budget was balanced with $600,000 of fund balance plus $1,000,000 sold assets;

8. Projected Police Department at $840,000 over budget due to insufficient funding of police overtime and general operations, and Public Works projected $300,000 over budget.

Interest and bonding fees included, Harrison’s 8,500 taxpayers are indebted for $91,530,000 now. Malfitano has spent our present. If reelected, Malfitano has $40,000,000 more indebtedness planned. Malfitano claims to “Put Harrison First”. Yes, “Harrison First” for reduction of Harrison’s rating!

Yes, “Harrison First” for such gigantic expenditures! Yes, “Harrison First” with such enormous borrowing!

And, yes, if Malfitano is reelected, this can be “Harrison First” in bankruptcy.

Lucille Held, Harrison

Bemoaning Sad State Of Westchester’s Courts And DA’s Office

Dear Editor

I have written to your newspaper about the political and judicial corruption in the family courts of White Plains, NY and Stamford, Ct. The family courts are failing to protect abused women and children and many times the failure is due to political corruption.

Corrupt judges, corrupt DA’s, corrupt lawyers and corrupt law guardians. A domestic violence activist would refer to these individuals as “private contractors” who financially benefit from covering up child abuse, spousal abuse and judicial corruption.

Big business in NY and Ct with the many “state actors” in the courts reeping the financial rewards. Corrupt DA’s like Janet Difiore that do not return child abuse alert phone calls to a protective mother if she is aware the protective mother supported the canidate that ran against her when she was a Republican.

Janet Difiore has now switched parties, she has big plans for her political career here in Westchester County. Family court judges that know their reelection campaign is tied to influential attorneys and fail to protect an abused mother and her children. Abused protective mothers and their abused children certainly do not have those important political connections. Family court lawyers who lie in court and cover up child abuse and medical neglect.

Law guardians who are swayed by all the political pressure who fail to advocate for children, my children.
The suggestion of this group “Parent Help” demonstrates to domestic violence activists the little you know about domestic violence survivors. Domestic violence survivors should not negotiate with abusers and your lack of knowledge and understanding in this area should be of great concern for all domestic violence survivors. Abused women and children do not negotiate with abusers in New York and Connecticut.

Ann Coleman

Man With A Grudge Takes It Out On Columnist Mayfield

Dear Editor:

O.K. That’s it. Whatever planet you got Vicki Mayfield from, please send her back, as soon as possible. Your publication is great, however, she is a blemish on your paper. I cringe every time I get to her articles, but some sadistic part of me makes me read them.

Does she know what a paragraph is? How about the run-on sentences, not even considering the content. Her articles are a disjointed documentation of her own experiences which would be better off published in a book of her memoirs. There is no common thread to any of the topics she discusses.

Now she’s taking on religion with “envy”. Biblically-speaking, God has provided everyone with talents and opportunities, your situation is based on whether or not you choose to take advantage of them. The kid who shows off and flashes his Nikes is the one who is wrong. Not the poor kid who can’t afford them but wishes he had them. I was taught to work for what you want. “Envy” is for those who want something for nothing.

She goes on to write about “freed” slaves had back yards and trees, and didn’t want what the “White man” had. Congratulations, I am a “White man” and take her comment as a racial statement. I figured this out a long time ago, and this just proves that if you give someone enough time, their true colors will be revealed.

And what did the “White man” have? Yards and trees. You moron. She also uses the term “Rednecks”, not in a joking way, but a condemning way. I have lived outside several cities, choosing a slower, simpler lifestyle. I could be considered a “Redneck” and am offended that she would use a “geographical” slur to include racism. But it seems every time she opens her mouth, she shows how stupid and ignorant she actually is. Go ahead, Vicki. Now write an article on how “your people” can’t be racist. And then, for whatever reason, (I don’t think anyone could or want to figure out what goes on in her mind) she uses “we Americans” to make a point.

Lastly, she seems to make some sort of point that George Bush, and George Bush alone, is creating a diversion so as to avoid impeachment. I believe she may have seen “Wag the Dog” a few too many times.

A while back, in one of her articles, she wrote, “Who would have thought I would be writing for a paper.” My guess? Nobody. Please, leave the writing to the writers.

P.S. I am also getting a little sick of living, eating, breathing, walking, cooking, driving, sleeping, shopping, working, reading, suing, Latino. I am a “White man” with a disability, and have just as many problems, if not more, than any “minority”.

Diesel, Peekskill

Reader Claims Downside In Separation of Church and State

Dear Editor:

These days you hear words bandied about such as “separation of church and state.” To the ears of many people they sound good and they are what our constitution and democracy are about. Our Constitution guarantees us the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It also states that we should not establish a state religion.

Today, however, separation of church and state has lost its meaning. Those who purportedly possess the intelligence to interpret our Constitution want to separate you from God. What church does God belong to? Please let me know.

Let’s take a quick look at “pro-choice.” What it really means is killing a child in the mother’s womb. That being said, the abortion providers do not provide all the facts about abortion or what can result from it in the future. These facts must be emphasized strongly to anyone who is thinking of getting one.

Only after all the facts are known and understood can one make an intelligent choice. We must open the doors to our minds and hearts if we want to make progress in becoming a more intelligent society.

George Imburgia, New Rochelle

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