Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sandy Annabi Strongly Endorses Dennis Robertson
Tells District Two Constituents “If We Elect Dennis As Our Next Mayor,
We Will Finally Get Our Fair Share From the City of Yonkers.”

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

For the past several years, as your City Council Representative, I have steadfastly fought for your best interests.
at is why I am writing to you now, to urge you to go to the polls on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, and vote for Dennis Robertson for Mayor of Yonkers.

With Dennis Robertson as our Mayor, we, the residents of District Two, will - nally get the level of service from the City of Yonkers we have long deserved. Dennis has demonstrated by his conduct on the City Council, that he has the best interests of the residents of Southwest Yonkers at heart.

Dennis Robertson and I have a great working relationship and share the same views on many issues that effect the quality of life of our residents. Dennis Robertson is hardworking and dedicated. He listens and, most importantly, he will help me to help you. is is a very important election for all of Yonkers, but most important for us, the People of District Two. If we elect Dennis as our next Mayor, we will finally get our fair share from the
City of Yonkers.

Best regards,


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