Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Clarification

In the Advocate column of November 22, 2007, there appeared the following sentence:

“Ironically, those crimes for which Jeanine Pirro has, no doubt, already been indicted, notwithstanding her once chief detractor, now turned defense attorney, William Aaronwald’s protestations to the contrary, will not, when
revealed, be the offenses for which she most deserves to go to prison.”

That statement contained in a column, was not intended to convey hard news with respect to Mrs. Pirro’s present legal status under federal investigation. Specifically, the words “has no doubt, already been indicted,”
were merely speculative; coming as they did in an opinionated column, and preceded by cautions regarding assumptions conveyed by United States Attorney Garcia.

Obviously, there is no concrete information to this point that, in fact, former District Attorney Jeanine Pirro has actually been indicted, despite the fact that she reportedly continues to be investigated by federal authorities.

– Ed.

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