Thursday, June 7, 2007

Article on Giulio Cavallo:

Cavallo, ‘Missing in Action’, Nevertheless Reappointed To County Public Safety Board

Despite being virtually AWOL from public functions, Giulio Cavallo, embattled former Chairman of
the Westchester Independence Party, was recently re-appointed as a Commissioner to the Westchester
County Public Safety Board by County Executive Andy Spano, and approved by the County Board of

Observers are questioning what credentials Mr. Cavallo possesses to act as an overseer of the County
Police. His relationship with Larry Schwartz and the Pistol Permit Unit have been resurfacing. Some
are asking, “How safe is the public?”

Cavallo, whose financial filings with the State Election Commission have come into question with regard to the legitimacy of expenditures and the shu ing of funds between the Independence Party and the Independence Club, has been avoiding scrutiny and accountability, both publicly and privately. Having attempted to silence The Westchester Guardian with the filing of a $25 million lawsuit several months ago, he has resisted attempts
to depose him, and has been virtually unavailable ever since.

As the result of his failure to submit to deposition, legal counsel for the Guardian has begun sending subpoenas to judges and public officials who received Cavallo’s endorsement over the past several years to determine the circumstances with regard to the exchange of funds.

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