Thursday, February 8, 2007

Federal Indictment!

FBI And Federal Prosecutors Having A Field Day In Westchester Election Fraud, Misappropriation Of Funds, And, Everywhere Arrogance.

If one had to identify a signature characteristic of Jeanine Pirro’s public persona it would certainly be arrogance. Everything she will be remembered for, mostly evil, and unlawful, will be tinged with that unmistakable arrogance. It was arrogance that prevented her from making a joke about herself when she lost ‘page ten’ and it was arrogance that allowed her to publicly vilify United States Attorney Mary Jo White during her husband Albert’s tax fraud trial, despite having been left out of the indictment involving ten years of fraudulent joint tax returns. In the end it will be that same arrogance that helped bring her down.

Clearly, throughout her twelve-year reign as Westchester DA she was the undisputed center, the de facto leader, by virtue of her power to prosecute, of the cabal, the corrupt mob that continues in its unlawful enterprise without her. Sleazy creatures all, including the likes of Larry Schwartz, Deputy County Executive, Nick Spano, former State Senator, Giulio Cavallo, embattled Chairman of the Westchester Independence Party, and Zehy Jereis, Convicted Drug Dealing Felon, and Chairman of the Yonkers Republican Committee, to name but a few; every one as arrogant as Pirro.

Imagine, the arrogance of Guilio Cavallo involved in a life-anddeath struggle with Nader Sayegh, and the decent law-abiding faction of the Independence Party, for control, and under a restraining order, and an order to appear, from State Supreme Court Justice Donovan, nevertheless going around and boasting to everyone that he has been assured that, “the fix is in with the Appellate Division,” and that Donovan’s ruling will be overturned. Imagine too, that this same creature who purports to represent more than 15,000 registered Independence Party members is still soliciting to get pistol permits for $5,000, through his connections with Larry Schwartz and Tom Belfiore.

To decent, honest, citizens the blatant criminal activities that Cavallo, Larry Schwartz, Nick Spano, Zehy Jereis, andassociates, continue to routinely engage in, despite the fact that the United States Attorney’s Office is diligently pursuing their Presidential mandate to clean up the corruption in “the suburbs north of New York City,” might seem unfathomable. But, again, it’s all about arrogance, with a generous helping of denial thrown in for good measure.

Simply stated, these players, common criminals all, have gotten away with so much, for so long, it simply doesn’t enter their minds that the ‘gig is up.’ After all, consider Nick Spano, former State Senator from the 35th District, who for years surrounded himself with the likes, not only of Zehy Jereis, convicted drug dealer, and accused election fraudster, but also Anthony Mangone, admitted forger of 166 ballots in the Green Party and IndependenceParty primaries of 2000. Anthony was Nick’s campaign manager, as well as hislegal advisor. As legal advisor he was paid $125,000 of taxpayers’ money.

Of course, after his admission of massive ballot forgery, under cross-examination at the Dennis Wedra trial in 2002, Mangone dropped back to part-time employment for Senator Nick, at $50,000. But, not to worry, then-DA Jeanine Pirro, got him a full-time position in her husband Albert’s former law firm. And, of course, Mangone continued to work on Nick’s following election bids, most helpful in the the_ of the 2004 election from Andrea Stewart-Cousins, a stunt they were thwarted from repeating last year because of the presence of federal monitors.

Speaking about the contest for the 35th State Senatorial District in 2004, the the_ - and the_ is the right word - could never have been pulled o_ , over those three months of manipulation and fraud, had it not begun with the bogus ruling of Judge Robert Spolzino, of the Appellate Division, Second Department, who less than two years earlier had been Senator Spano’s personal attorney. Conflict of interest you say? How did the Democratic Election Commissioner, who just happened to also be the Chairman of the Westchester Democratic Committee, allow that to happen, you ask? Go ask Larry Schwartz, who orchestrated the whole thing, much as he had a hand in fixing every other major election in Westchester for the better part of two decades.
Perhaps, not so incidentally, Cavallo’s boast that “the fix is in” at the Appellate Division might just have something to do with Judge Spolzino, and/or Judge Joseph Covello, and a number of other Pataki-appointed “ Whores Who Became Madams.”
Difficult as it may be to fathom the shear gall with which these political imposters, these influence peddlers, operate in our faces the way they do, once again, it must be remembered that they have been getting away with it for so long, protected from prosecution by a corrupt District Attorney’s Office, and from exposure by a very cooperative,bought-off, media and press. Nearly seven years ago, News12, Cablevision, through their Lightpath division, received a $23.5 million, five year, no-bid, contract from the County of Westchester, Office of the County Executive. that kind of money buys a lot of news management. Larry Schwartz knows that, and so does Janine Rose, News12 news director. Add to that the fact that the Journal News president and publisher, until a little while ago, was Gary Sherlock, business partner of Albert Pirro, and the cabal has had little to fear from the press.

No, it wasn’t really about a failed costume jewelry business, nor even attempts to tape her husband on his boat with another woman, that attracted the United States Attorney’s Office to Jeanine Pirro. It was about election fraud, abuse of public office, misappropriation of public funds, tax evasion, and crimes of that weight, the same offenses that will soon bring down every other arrogant member of the cabal. As the expression goes, what we send in to the lives of others eventually comes back into our own.

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