Thursday, June 21, 2007

In Our Opinion...

We are surely living through a very interesting time, a period in which some of the most fundamental principles of our democracy are being overridden daily; as one overrides, when a computer does not follow a command,
indicating that a certain desired action does not conform to established rules. On the federal level much of what is passing for “okay” is driven by, and camou aged with, the so-called “War On Terror.” We are told that it is okay to detain and imprison United States citizens, and non-citizens alike, without bringing formal charges, or indictment against them.

We are told that the use of torture, in clear violation of the Geneva Convention, as pertains even to those who are labeled “enemy combatants,” is also okay. And, if it’s inconvenient, or too conspicuous to carry out torture here at home, we simply export the operation to foreign soil. In short, “ e ends justify the means.” e staunchest advocate on behalf of such unconstitutional behavior, of course, is Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Here in New York we have a Chief Judge, Judith Kaye, who is now threatening to file suit, presumably against the State Legislature for not legislating pay raises for judges. Judges are taking bribes and going to prison. The
Matrimonial Part of the State Supreme Court is a scandal, with judges, law clerks, attorneys, law guardians, and forensic experts wringing every penny they possibly can out of the process, for the most part, catering to the spouse with the deepest pockets. “ The best interests of the children” be damned.

Cross the courthouse to the Criminal Part, and discover years of prosecutorial misconduct, abuse of statutes such as the Depraved Indifference Murder Statute, Brady violations and malicious prosecutions, unchecked,
and unpunished. Nevertheless, Judge Kaye’s focus remains on those pay raises. Imagine threatening to go to court to sue? Pray tell, what court would not be in con ict of interest in hearing such an action?

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