Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jeanine Pirro:

A Colossal Liar

Clearly, the people of New York State cannot afford an Attorney General, a chief law enforcement officer who is acolossal liar. Federal and state courts are already beginning to discover the tragic consequences in the lives of numerous innocent individuals and their families brought about by former District Attorney Pirro’s proclivity for confabulation and outright perjury.

In the summer of 2002, as the one-year anniversary of the disaster of September 11, 2001 approached, American Media, Inc., publishers of the National Enquirer, produced a Special Commemorative Edition magazine filled with what it called, “ exclusive interviews”. On pages 58 and 59, freelance writer Dan Weil, who also wrote for George Pataki on pages 54 and 55, took Jeanine Pirro’s account of her activities on September 11, 2001, complete with numerous direct quotes from her, and produced a fictitious, self-aggrandizing yarn. It was typical of the kind of confabulated accounts filled with half-truths and blatant untruths, Mrs. Pirro spun and used throughout her reign as District Attorney of Westchester County for 12 years; an unending, self-promotional prosecutorial misconduct, as she repeatedly prosecuted and imprisoned numerous innocent police officers and civilians.

In the text of the article she was quoted in several intentional misstatements of fact. The writer, based on information supplied by Pirro, speaking about 9/11, writes, “ Her daughter Kiki, 16, was at the Pentagon on a field trip that day.” That statement was a total lie, intended to make it appear that Jeanine Pirro actually believed that her daughter was at the Pentagon with 90 other students and 12 adult chaperones from the Rye Country Day School. While it was true that her daughter was, in fact, on a school trip headed to Washington on that day, she and her schoolmates never got further than Delaware, a fact that D.A. Pirro promptly established and conveyed to the school’s headmaster, Scott Nelson, whose own twin daughters were along on the trip.

Despite knowing the truth, Pirro, in her attempt to characterize herself in a sympathetic, yet heroic, light, had freelancer Weil write “But first there was her daughter, and the agonizing hours that passed not knowing her fate. It was not until evening that she (Pirro) learned the teen and her schoolmates were okay.”

Pirro is then quoted directly, “I finally called my friend, Bernie Kerik, and he was able to have someone get in touch with law enforcement people in Washington who said the kids are okay.” She is then further quoted, “The world stood still in so many ways. Emotionally, when you have someone who is possibly in there, it is spellbinding. I have chills thinking about it now. It’s horrific.”

All that is “horrific” is Mrs. Pirro’s sick, psychopathic propensity to lie, and her trivializing of the actual losses and experiences suffered by real victims and their families on that day. Every self-promotional word of the article was a calculated fabrication intended to make herself look like a dedicated public servant who, despite supposedly not knowing the fate of her own teenage daughter and 90 of her schoolmates, nevertheless worked tirelessly throughout the day and into the evening assisting families of the victims of the disaster.

Editor’s Note: Readers are advised that the shield hanging on the wall behind Pirro in her posed, intentionally unglamorous photo bears her name, an outrageous, egotistical alteration to a shield that had remained unchanged for more than 150 years, performed without authorization.

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