Thursday, September 28, 2006

In Our Opinion...

Actions speak louder than words, much louder. This week residents of Westchester, indeed, all of New York State, got a more accurate picture of just who Jeanine Pirro, who wants us to make her State Attorney General, really is.

Jeffrey Deskovic, 32, who had spent precisely half his life in state prison, convicted in 1989 for the rape and murder of Angela Correa, a Peekskill High School schoolmate, was exonerated and released from custody, following a brief hearing before Administrative Judge of the Criminal Part, Westchester Supreme Court Justice Richard Molea. Amidst the celebration of regained freedom, and long-denied justice, there was the sober realization that this young man’s wrongful prosecution and imprisonment might have been reversed nearly a decade earlier but for the stubborn refusal of Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro to honor his attorney’s request to reexamine the DNA evidence upon which his conviction was based.

Those who have worked in criminal defense in Westchester during the 12-year Pirro Regime are only too well aware of her tyrannical approach to the terrible power invested in her as the chief law enforcement officer of her “realm.” Mrs. Pirro, a cold-blooded ogress, who somehow found a way to imprison Richard DiGuglielmo, a New York City Police Officer who saved his father’s life by shooting a bat-wielding, violent assailant; Mrs. Pirro who arranged for the kidnapping of Jing Kelly’s baby boy; that Mrs. Pirro, surely had no problem rejecting young Jeffrey Deskovic’s plea, with a “very rude letter” of rejection.

Throughout her twelve-year tenure Mrs. Pirro never really took seriously the dual mandate every prosecutor is expected to adhere to: To prosecute the guilty, and protect the innocent. The prisons of New York State are filled with numerous innocent individuals, civilians and police officers alike, who were falsely accused and maliciously prosecuted by Jeanine Pirro. At the same time, she lived and continues to live, off the criminally-acquired proceeds of her spouse’s activities and those of his cronies.

Jeanine and Al Pirro, have visited the kind of destruction and havoc upon the Westchester Community that could only be achieved by the union, in marriage, of two psychopaths, two people without conscience, or accountability for their cruel and destructive self-promotional agenda.

We must not, however give them all of the credit for their unfathomable evil achievements. They have had a lot of help along the way. Over three decades the Pirro’s have found more than enough willing contributors and co-conspirators for their immoral, corrupt, and outright criminal personal and public conduct. For far too long the
Wannabe’s and the ‘political groupies’ of Westchester, not to mention the Mob and those politicians who do their bidding, have supported and profited from their publicly-financed largess. Everywhere else in the state people have laughed at the voters of Westchester who could elect a District Attorney who was the spouse, and un-indicted coconspirator of the County’s most outrageous white-collar criminal. Come November 7th, it’s time to say, “Enough is enough!”

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