Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our Readers Respond...

Reader Likes The Kool-Aid

Dear Editor:

I read your Sept. 27 edition of The Westchester Guardian and was especially amused by the picture taken by Mr. Blassberg on page 13. It is apparent that you are stalking any and all events that Chief Hall and Captain Marraccini of the Harrison Police Department are involved in. This picture was obviously taken as you were driving by Wellington’s Grill. If you had the decency to stop and go in you would’ve been able to experience first-hand all the support that these men have from their employees.

I felt that I needed to set the record straight since your articles have been misrepresenting the facts for many weeks now. There were over 50 people at the event for Chief Hall. Most of those in attendance were employees
of the Harrison Police Department plus numerous Chiefs from other jurisdictions. These people got together to recognize a man who has dedicated over 30 years of his life to the Town of Harrison.

I wish that you would have used better judgment and decided to finally get both sides of the stories that you have been printing. Taking a drive-by photo proves to your readers that there is little truth to your articles. A decent newspaperman would not take sides. Chief Hall is an honest, dignified and respected man that does not deserve all the nonsense that has been put before him. This was shown by the outpouring of support by his employees.
Please take the time to investigate fully before printing any further lies. You should take a good look into the history of the two men feeding you all of this information.

I have been a resident of West Harrison for 35 years and fully support all the hard-working men and women of the Harrison Police Department. It is a shame these two bad men can try and bring down a whole department.

Thank you for your time.

Penelope Stein, West Harrison

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your opinion. We agree with you that it is a shame that “two bad men” are bringing down a whole department. However, We believe those two bad men are Chief Hall and Captain Marraccini, as will soon become more apparent.

One Must Be Careful For The Sparks When Grinding An Axe

Dear Editor:

Our America? Why are the illegal aliens getting everything for free?

They say they don’t understand because they don’t want to understand so they can get free handouts.
Louise Simmons wrote in your Sept. 27, 2007 issue about speaking English first. Keep your language at home and learn the American language.

As a child my grandmother told her children to speak English and that you can always learn a foreign language. Ms. Simmons was right. My grandparents and parents were born in Italy. They had to learn how to speak English. They worked two different jobs to make ends meet. They never had any help from the government or anyone else. Our senior citizens and people born and raised in America don’t get the help they should be getting, not like the illegals who get everything. About Officer Bubaris and Rene Perez. Is Officer Bubaris the bad guy and Perez the good guy? Perez’ brother claims he did not recognize his brother. Do you believe that a family member, no matter what condition a person is in, can’t recognize them? There are good and bad in every nationality, religion, race and color. As always, the good have to suffer for the bad.

Our government should check all illegal aliens who are sending back to their country the American dollar. Some of them even go back to their countries and build homes and don’t pay taxes in the USA. The government shouldn’t give them so much and maybe they will stop coming to our country.

Nancy Bronzino

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