Thursday, September 21, 2006

Working Families Party Endorses Shelley Mayer

The Working Families Party affirmed its endorsement of Shelley Mayer, Democratic Candidate for the 93rd State Assembly District in Yonkers, at a press conference held today at the Mayer Campaign Headquarters. The Working Families Party is the most influential third party in New York elections, and a powerful voice for working people.

Patrick Welsh, Chairman of the Westchester/Putnam Chapter of the Working Families Party said, “I believe Shelley Mayer has the skills and political courage needed to make a real difference for working people here in Westchester. It’s time to end the all too common practice in Albany and Washington of paying lip service to the needs of middle and working class people, while giving handouts to big corporations. As a result, real wages are going down, the good, stable jobs with benefits are going overseas while the big corporations are making record profits. I know first-hand that Shelley Mayer will listen to working people and work toward commonsense solutions that will make life better and strengthen our communities. Finally, she has the intelligence and experience in Albany to get things done.”

Mayer and Welsh also called for the passage of legislation to allow New York State to buy prescription drugs in bulk, to help address the tremendous rise in the price of pharmaceuticals.

A 2006 AARP report found that the price of brand-name prescription drugs was rising nearly 4 times as fast as inflation. The related bills that passed the Assembly but stalled in the Senate (A6336B/S5029A), would save taxpayers money by allowing the state to buy prescription drugs in bulk, at a cheaper price, through state health programs like Medicaid and EPIC.

Mayer said, “I am honored to stand here with Patrick Welsh and the Working Families Party, an organization I know is making a positive difference in New York politics. When I am elected to the Assembly, I will work with them in the fight to make prescription drugs more affordable. Our seniors and families need relief from the disastrous rise in the cost of pharmaceuticals.”

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