Thursday, January 3, 2008

In Our Opinion...

2008: A Year of Continuing Rectification

We look forward to 2008, a year in which much of what Westchester needs to set right, will be set right. Many have already begun to notice the pendular swing of events over the past several months, portending a rectification, a return to greater truthfulness and reason; a striving for justice where only injustice has too often prevailed.

No longer are the citizens of Westchester mesmerized, unable to distinguish image from reality. With a force that cannot be repelled, the
evil that has been brought into the lives of so many innocent and defenseless individuals has rounded the furthest point of its orbit and now, soon, will converge upon the courier. One who enlisted so many to her self-promoting devildom, has just begun to feel the heat, and shares the fear of certain retribution with those who so willingly signed the ‘Deal With The Devil’ for two paychecks a month.

Injustice happens so often in the snap of a finger: a misspoken jury instruction, an intimidated witnesses’ testimony, a withheld piece of
exculpatory evidence - God knows, so many withheld pieces of exculpatory evidence - a suborning of perjury, a prosecutor’s bald-faced lie
to a judge and/or a jury. On the other hand rectification, the bringingabout of justice, often takes many years, sometimes decades. Jeffrey
Deskovic, Anthony DiSimone, and Richard DiGuglielmo, are but a few of too many who are all too painfully aware of that fact.

The coming of 2008 will not only bring freedom and liberty to many unjustly imprisoned, but will also send, or, at the very least, bring in
the process that will eventually send a number of persons, who betrayed the Public Trust, to their just confinement.

It has taken, and will surely continue to require, the dedicated effort of many good persons. However, as Edmund Burke, British statesman
and philosopher, observed, “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Our Readers Respond...

Dear Editor:

In a recent letter to the editor in the Journal News entitled, Homophobia is the real disease, the writer referred to a PrideWorks Conference which was recently held at the Westchester County Center. This letter writer decided to diagnose a whole group of people as one paints with a broad brush without even identifying what people he is accusing. He gives no examples of prejudice. What could be more prejudiced than that?

A conference held by those who oppose homosexuality was never held at the Westchester County Center or any other public place. While the primary purpose of the PrideWorks Conference appears to have been to educate young people, the word “educate” seems to have been used inappropriately. If the purpose was to educate, then tolerance of all people should be heard, not just tolerance toward homosexuals.

Since all people and viewpoints were not heard, the purpose of the conference appears to have been to rally support for their cause and to indoctrinate the young people with a closed point of view. I am sure that people who truly believe in God will show people love, kindness and respect regardless of their race, creed and sexual orientation.

After all, we are all sinners, and as such, we should say “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

George Imburgia, New Rochelle

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