Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yonkers City Council President Lesnick Reaches
Out For One More Democratic Councilperson
Lesnick Declares The “Drive For Five” Starts Right Now

Too often, the four Democrats on the Yonkers City Council have passed progressive legislation like the Living Wage Bill, but can’t muster a fifth vote to override a mayoral veto. Since three current council members are term limited -- Annabi (D-2nd), McLaughlin (R-4th) and Barbato (R-6th)-- we must find good Democrats to run in those districts in 2009. We need to retain the 2nd District and capture one of the
other seats to get five Democrats on the Council. I will be seeking the Democratic designation and nomination for reelection to a second term as Council President in 2009.

Th e Democrats we nominate in 2009 will be designated by the Yonkers Democratic City Committee, which consists of two District Leaders
selected from each Election District (ED) City-wide. These District Leaders are chosen in the “even” years for a 2-year term and will be designated this month so that they can carry petitions starting June 3, 2008 for all of our candidates who run this November.

Any registered Democrat from Yonkers can run to be a District Leader in the Assembly District in which he/she resides. While we try
to put district leaders in the ED in which they live, sometimes it is necessary to shift people to other districts if there are more than two interested Democrats in any particular ED.

It is possible to have a Democratic primary in contested EDs, but we try to coordinate with the party leadership to avoid conflicts. The responsibilities of a District Leader are to help qualify the candidates by carrying petitions each year to help designate candidates at conventions. They then support the candidates and the Party by volunteering on campaigns and/or contributing financially. As with anything else -- the more you put in to it the more you get out of it.

I need your help. If you are a registered Democrat and would like to participate in the process by serving as a member of the Yonkers Democratic City Committee, please email back with your address and contact information.

If you are already a District Leader, I thank you. If you would like to register to vote or become a Democrat, please let me know and
contact the Board or Elections at 914-995-5700 for a voter registration form or click here.

With all of the enthusiasm that the Democratic Presidential candidates are generating this year, NOW is to time to strengthen our party
with new voters and new activists. The “Drive for Five” starts right now! Please join me.


Chuck Lesnick,
Yonkers City Council President

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