Thursday, June 26, 2008

Westchester Guardian/Janet Difiore.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

In Our Opinion...

A Politically Motivated Prosecution Fails

We were confident, from the start of the George Bubaris trial, that he would be found innocent. And, We made no bones about our belief, declaring on the front cover of our June 5 issue, DA Comes To Court With Tank On Empty. We are pleased that Mr. Bubaris, his wife, and family, can now put the terrible and totally unjustifiable torment they were put through, for more than a year, by a counterfeit district attorney and three of her more unprincipled henchmen behind them. Unfortunately the taint, as well as the emotional and financial drain, they have suffered, will leave significant scarring.

Nevertheless, it is important to recognize the fact that the injury that is brought forward by a politically-motivated, self-serving district attorney, in instances such as the death of Rene Perez, is not merely visited upon the wrongfully accused and their loved ones, but also upon the family and friends of the alleged victim, as well as the community at-large. No prosecutor has the God-given right to tamper with the lives of innocent individuals. Nor can they be permitted to maliciously abuse their entrusted powers for self-serving motives without regard to the personal injury, and damage to the cause of Justice, they bring about. Such rogue prosecutors, of which Janet DiFiore is but one, must be held to account and brought down!

If any other vestige of good is to come from George Bubaris’ acquittal and vindication, beyond his and loved ones’ liberation from their ordeal, it must come from the insight and understanding the community, the People of Westchester, must acquire from having shared the experience. Make no mistake, the jury was intelligent, and savvy, perhaps more so than juries a decade ago might have been. Westchester residents have awakened to the myth that was the Pirro Regime, and the lie that is DiFiore.

To be sure, Janet relies upon much of the same prosecutorial misconduct as her predecessor and personal enemy, Jeanine, did:

• Medical Examiners such as Drs. Hyland and Roh, who only ask, “What do you want me to prove?”;

• Certain Assistant DAs who would prosecute their own innocent mothers for two pay checks a month and a pension;

• Rogue police officers and investigators who extract false confessions from innocent targets;

• Media agents who suck up to, glamorize, and cover-up their self-serving tyrannical operations.

We said, from the beginning, that Officer Bubaris was the traditional “low man on the totem pole.” With all the pressure that was being brought to bear by advocates such as Fernando Mateo, Janet DiFiore’s calculations had nothing to do with bringing about justice, finding the truth about how Rene Javier Perez died. Her response was all about getting off the “hot seat”.

It didn’t matter that she found no motive, no forensic evidence, nothing to connect anyone, much less George Bubaris, to the death of Rene Perez. DiFiore was determined to pin it all on somebody because failure to produce some scalp might have meant hers. The simple truth is that Janet DiFiore is way over her head sitting in the DA’s Office. She continues to make serious miscalculations, particularly in dealing with cases that involve police officers. She gets it all wrong. She charges an innocent cop, George Bubaris, without a scintilla of evidence while, at the same time, she not only repeatedly covers up rogue, violent, police officers who have seriously beaten innocent men, women and children, but she then, also, proceeds to prosecute the victims of those beatings with trumped-up charges.

A fundamentally unprincipled individual engorged with power and authority is always a danger to society.

Reader Shares Letter Sent To DA DiFiore

Dear Madam District Attorney:

I realize that I am probably not the first, nor will I probably be the last, to comment on your announcement that you have changed your party affiliation. However, my feelings, being as strong as they are, compel me, as a past supporter in your past campaigns, to share my thoughts with you in this matter.

I feel that what you did is devastatingly wrong! Of course, there are courtesy and decency reasons for saying this: turning your back on those who worked hard for your election, hurting those who contributed to your campaign financially, etc. However, the greatest offense is to your own self-esteem and self-respect by your abandonment of the ideals which you professed, on which you ran, and, for which you were elected. You made an opportunistic move because of the change in our area’s demographics; this reflects so poorly on you. It is nothing more than demagoguery!

Ms. DiFiore, you cut loose from so many of your previously-held principled positions so as to enhance your political future and electability. To some in politics that might seem like the common sense thing to do; to me that is an act of shame! Our Party and its principles did not change since we helped elect you, you did. Either that or you presented a false fa├žade to us over the many years you let us work for your election, thinking you were sincere.

So what you did, Janet, was to abandon the good guys and joined with the bad guys to promote your selfish interests. You left the Party of Opportunity For People and coupled with the Party Of Dependency Of People. You left the ranks of the Party that is saving the world from entering another Dark Age, and enlisted with those who put party before country and its war. You now stand for taxation without end; laxness with criminals; opposed to the Patriot Act and other strong national security measures; for “liberal” judges who ignore our Constitution; and against saving our Social Security System.

You have abandoned the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and, yes, our current great President and leader, George W. Bush. You have chosen to become, instead, a cog in the party of Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, the Clintons, Pelosi, Reid. How could you? By so doing you show contempt for our country, our great Party and our honorable citizens and voters, while bringing disgrace upon yourself. You may or may not win future elections but, whatever may happen, the taint, the smell, the disgrace of what you did will never leave you!

Arthur DeRuve, Col (ret), USAR, Yonkers

Reader Asks Impetuous, Violent Youth To Think Twice About Revenge

Dear Editor:

Please allow me to use some of your space to talk to the young people in this here county about “Revenge”. I feel they may not know what getting “Revenge” is about. Young people, when you kill a young crew or hood chump that dissed you, you are not getting revenge on them.

They are getting revenge on you because they are removed from the struggles of life, and you go to jail for the better part of yours. Revenge
according to The American Heritage Dictionary is: To inflict punishment in return for (injury or insult). How do we know death is punishment?

Revenge by killing is letting the brother who injured or insulted you to get away. But if you had let the one who hurt you live long enough to get a Con Ed disconnect notice, hold a job and watch most of his pay go to taxes, be tied up in Family Court for child support, as punishment.

Have the Family Court Judge tell him he has to pay for the seed of his loins but can’t see the child; now, that’s revenge. The revenge of not shooting the young brother who hurt you, down in the street like a dog, is revenge, but to watch him grow old enough for the circle of life
to become complete, showing him all his wrong doings, now that’s revenge and I must say from experience, it’s a b***h.

Getting revenge on someone who you feel has caused you heartache is to just get as far away from that person as possible and make something of your life. The revenge is that you didn’t do anything to harm a human being that you feel has wronged you, by having nothing ever to do with them again. Killing a bully, once friend or relative, that you feel has wronged you is no punishment, to my way of thinking.

Time will dull the ache from the pain another has caused you, and introduce you to the good people of this world. I’m a witness. I’m trying to tell you that, if ever you find yourself in a group of people and one makes you want to kill him, that’s a cue that its’ time for you to go.

I can say without shame or anger that I have lived and allowed people who I feel have hurt me to live long enough for me to see them pay for what I feel they had done to me. Sometimes when I have seen time reap my revenge on those who have hurt me, I am pained again, but deep down inside I give myself a mental slap on the back for not giving final relief to another life, lives or my life.

Don’t spend twenty five years, to life, in prison thinking about someone you set free by death, fooling yourself into thinking you’ve got revenge, especially since the deceased don’t and can’t, give a damn about you. Then ask yourself who really got revenge?

A Concerned But Hip Elder

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