Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

In Our Opinion...

Breathes There A Public Servant

We believe Errol Lewis, writing in the October 5th issue of the Daily News, got it right when he described New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to overturn the two referendums limiting the terms of elected City officials as a “breathtaking act of fraud on the public.” Billionaire, self-made successful mogul of the information industry as he is regarded, Bloomberg is, nevertheless, really all about himself.

No different than his predecessor, Rudolph Giuliani, who attempted to stretch his tenure right into Bloomberg’s term, using recovery from 9/11 as his excuse, Bloomberg now would like New Yorkers to give him a third bite of the Big Apple based on the current financial woes of the Nation, and New York, in particular. Funny how Rudy and Mike each grew to believe that they were indespensible.

Truth is, they just can’t give up the headlines, the power, the ego-satisfying lifestyle; each fully prepared to step on the twice-clearly-expressed Will of the People by referendum.

Bloomberg is without shame; unabashedly unwilling to move on and permit a new occupant of Gracie Mansion to guide the Capital City of the World. He’s willing to cut a deal with the City Council, no less. Whatever became of checks and balances, and governmental integrity? What the People have set in stone, twice to be sure, must not be cast aside to gratify any politician’s ego. Here in Westchester, we have seen our share of such self-centered, public-bedamned, temperamental power-play antics. Half a dozen years ago, it was John Spencer trying any and every ploy to grab a third term as Mayor of Yonkers.

And, how about Andy Spano, who swore that he would be a two-term County Executive, now in his third go-round, and announcing for a fourth? Why not? He’s got all the money from every Democratic fundraiser tucked away in his account, and most Democrats and their uncles beholden to him under Larry Schwartz’ thumb; judges included, should it ever come to that.

Then there’s Janet DiFiore. She switched parties, didn’t she? When asked what great epiphany had occurred to make her turn her back on the Republican Party and all those who had worked so hard for her in three elections, she could offer nothing. Having twice gotten her elected Judge, and having installed her as DA in 2005, she clearly owed her Republican supporters an explanation.

Of course, Janet had Tony Castro to thank for the opportunity to run because Jeanine Pirro’s expensive telephone polling in the spring of 2005 convinced her, and correctly so, that she could not beat Castro. Neither could Janet, but the Spano Tag Team, Andy and Nick, with a little help from their underlings and hoodlums, would take care of the details.

It’s truly ugly when the most sacred right of citizens in a proclaimed democracy is tarnished and corrupted as they are denied the opportunity to select their chosen representative, their prosecuting attorney.

We are, once again, coming around to County-wide elections. It will be interesting to see which individual might be promised a judgeship a la Larry Horowitz to pretend he’s running against Andy. And, it will be equally interesting to see what stunt will attempt to put Janet DiFiore, with her dismal performance, massive staff resignations, and moral betrayal of Westchester citizens, back into the DA’s Office. The answer will be none if the Justice Department actually monitors the process.

Our Readers Respond...

Reader Loved Article About Paul Cote

Dear Editor:

I just had to drop you a note to say “Thank you” for the excellent, excellent article you wrote in today’s paper about Paul Cote. Truer words were never spoken. Thank you again and keep up the good work. I love the paper.

Lucy Uomoleale
Mount Vernon

Reader Alerts Westchester Community

Dear Editor:

In the past month, even though we are registered with the FTC’s “Do Not Call” registry, I have received no less than four recorded calls inviting me to “reduce the interest rates” on my credit cards. When I press the “customer service representative” for the name and location of their company or ask to speak to a supervisor, the line goes dead. Given these difficult economic times, when so many are struggling with credit card debt, it is outrageous that these people are, as far as I can discern, seeking to “phish” for credit card account information. When I hit *69 the following number came up: 1-904-398-4657.

However, when I dialed it, the recording indicated that it was disconnected (perhaps they are using disposable cellular telephones). I have called and spoken with Verizon (who con-firmed that this is, indeed, a scam) and I am in the process of filing a complaint with the FTC. It is patently disgusting that these people are preying on those who may have financial difficulties, especially in light of the present state of our economy.

Mary Ann McCarra-Fitzpatrick
Mount Vernon

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