Thursday, November 20, 2008

Westchester Guardian/Sam Zherka.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guardian Publisher Greeted With Racial Tirade
By Mount Vernon Mayoral Chief Of Staff
Brings Suit In Federal Court Regarding Bizarre Racial Attack

Last Monday, November 10th, Attorney Jonathan Lovett, representing Guardian publisher Sam Zherka, went to United States District
Court, White Plains, to file and commence an action against Yolanda Robinson, Chief of Staff to Mount Vernon City Mayor Clinton Young,
Jane Morris, Shield No. 2057, Mount Vernon Police Officer, Police Commissioner of Mount Vernon, David Chong, 15 “John Doe” Mount Vernon
Police Officers, Terence “Roe”, and the City of Mount Vernon.

The following day, Mr. Zherka, accompanied by Attorney Lovett, and 15 supporters, held a press conference on the plaza in front of
Mount Vernon City Hall. Attorney Lovett explained to reporters why it was necessary to bring the action, below, partially reprinted, in Federal
Court for the purpose of discouraging government officials, for any reason, from behaving as the Defendants had toward Mr. Zherka, ethnically
and racially profiling him, displaying bigotry and profanity, and unlawfully barring him from a public function in a public building, all in violation of his First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment Rights under the Constitution of the United States, 42U.S.C. Section 1983.

Publisher Zherka told reporters present that he was calling upon Mayor Clinton Young not to indemnify the individuals named as defendants, as he did not wish the taxpayers of Mount Vernon to be stuck with picking up the tab for Robinson’s, Chong’s, and Morris’, unlawful, bigoted behavior.
The suit seeks $100 million in punitive damages and an equal sum in compensatory damages, a total of $200 million. Zherka promised reporters
that he would be tracing the Defendants’ connections to DA Janet DiFiore given her numerous attempts to harass him and damage his reputation and business enterprises.

Interviewed at her offices in Mount Vernon City Hall last Thursday, City Comptroller Maureen Walker, who has been overseeing the City’s finances for the last 14 years, expressed dismay over Chief of Staff Yolanda Robinson’s outrageous racial attack upon Zherka, making it clear that she was not present at the time of the altercation, having left the auction of tax liened City properties a few minutes before Mr. Zherka’s arrival. Walker assured The Guardian that she had no placed no entry restrictions on Zherka or anyone else.

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