Thursday, November 6, 2008

Westchester Guardian/Tony Castro.

Strong Coalition Of Civic And Political Leaders Comes Out For Tony Castro

The Guardian was present Thursday evening, October 23, when more than 200 civic leaders, political leaders, and concerned citizens from all over Westchester, came together for a fundraiser organized by Friends Of Tony Castro, apparently for the purpose of showing their support for Castro and encouraging him to run for District Attorney.

The crowd was an amazing admixture of individuals from every political party and many civic organizations in the County, not to mention major law enforcement figures, including: Independence Party Chair Dr. Giulio Cavallo, Republican Party Chair Doug Colety, Working Families Party Chair Pat Welsh, and Conservative Party Vice-Chair Gene Branca.

Dr. Cavallo introduced Castro as, “The man with the experience, character, integrity and temperament to be a great district attorney of Westchester if he can be convinced to run again.” When he stepped up to the podium to address the crowd, it was obvious that Tony Castro was very moved by the outpouring of support. He acknowledged the encouragement and the confidence expressed by those present, thanking everyone for coming out. He told the gathering that he would certainly have to give serious consideration to running again for DA.

Castro declared, “The DA’s Office must have a professional relationship with police agencies, not a political one, to avoid any perceived or actual conflict-of interest.”

He went on to say that although he certainly appreciated the support of individuals engaged in law enforcement, he would, nevertheless, not seek endorsements from any department or association doing business with the District Attorney’s Office.

Castro remarked that he felt even more qualified for the position, having now spent considerable time on the defense side, seeing first-hand some of the District Attorney’s Office’s prosecutorial misconduct.

Other supporters present included Dr. Maria Munoz-Kantha, founder of Hispanic Women Leaders of Westchester, Peekskill Police Chief Eugene Tumolo, Harrison Police Captain Anthony Marraccini, White Plains Mayor Joe Delfino, former New Rochelle City City Council Member Roberto Lopez, President of New York State Chiefs of Police Chief Bob Pavone, State Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV, Attorney John Ciampoli, and numerous other prominent public figures.

The Guardian has learned that the event raised more than $100,000.00.

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