Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

In Our Opinion...

2008 Was A Year Of Change

Few people could have predicted a year ago the dramatic events that would unfold over the course of the past 12 months. Certainly, for all
of his head start, Barack Obama was hardly a household acquaintance at the beginning of the year. And the notion that the Stock Market, which
was riding high at over 12,000 points would plummet below 8,000, was totally unimaginable.

We had become comfortable with certain fixed notions, some of which we should not have accepted as easily as we did. For example, the idea that
it would be many years before a Black man would be president, if ever; or that the housing market and the value of homes would always climb
steadily upward indefinitely. How about $5-a-gallon gas? We came pretty darned close. And crude oil at $150-a-barrel, only to drop dramatically back to $1.95-a-gallon and $45-a-barrel last week.

As Bill Clinton once said, “Who would’ve thunk it?” Who could have ever imagined Eliot Spitzer, winner of the Governor’s Office with 70 percent of the vote, would be a private citizen, humiliated and outed by a 22-yearold hooker? Well, there We might have a little bragging rights; not that we foresaw that scandal. However, We did write extensively about Eliot’s peculiar relationship with Jeanine Pirro, his enrichment of his pal Mike Chakasky, and his likely not-being-the-man-he-made-himself-out-to-be before his election.

And, speaking about Pirro; remember her 32 seconds of silence a year earlier? That only portended her 10-week flop as a television judge this year;
not to mention the continuing reversals of her major case, wrongfully-obtained , convictions. Her mischief, and crimes against the innocent, will
not fully play out until this year, but she has begun to understand that old bromide about, “What we send into the lives of others.”

Now, in the final weeks of this year just passed, there comes the Bernie Madoff affair, the $50 billion con man par excellence; a sociopathic swindler whose Ponzi scheme reaches around the globe, leaving most of his “friends” and followers in far worse condition than he found them.
Perhaps his victims will get on line behind the major banks, AIG, and the auto industry, as well as others seeking a government bailout. After all,
how different were Bernie’s investors from the banks who locked up their funds in the “sub-prime game?” Palm Beach may never be the same, but
the government will find some venue to, at least, partially restore that piece of the upper crust.

We suppose one could rightly say that 2008 was not merely a year of change, but one of revolutionary change. We come into the New Year, in part, not knowing quite what to expect, but no less anxious to go forward.

Our Readers Respond....

Holocaust Victim Seeks Justice

Dear Editor

My name is Gisella Weisshaus. Upon reading your article in this week’s Guardian, I would like to tell my story about disbarred Attorney Edward D. Fagan. Fagan was disbarred for the wrong reason because they are keeping hidden all of his dirty doings, including problems in the Swiss Banks Holocaust case 96 civ 4849 in the Eastern District of New York.

I currently have a case in the Southern District of New York, Index: 08civ4053, by the same Judge Cote who fraudulently decided that I have to back to the Rabbinical Court because their decision was not a final decision. I paid $3,600 for the Rabbinical Court in 1989 for their final decision.

Her opinion came down March 8, 1996 against me, Index: 95civ589. In February 1996 I gave the escrow of $82,583 from the sale of my cousin’s house (I was the executrix). After he got Judge Cote’s decision he put the money in his own account and used it personally. All this information is available at the office of Attorney Ethics Supreme Court of New Jersey, No. XIV-2000-0135E.

Because of this ruling, I lost my property with the Rabbinical Court where they made an unconstitutional decision, claiming I was bound by a prior decision in another case – all fraudulent. My defendant used fraudulent documents to take my property, without compensation. In my factory my opponents obtained, with their Rabbi’s blessing, a mortgage of close to $5 million, without a title insurance from WA-MU.

I have many documents to prove this. I wrote petitions to Janet Reno, John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzalez, Mary Jo White, Michael Certoff, President Bush, the Supreme Court in Washington, many Senators, and they all ignored me. The Black Star News also wrote in my behalf.

Please give me the opportunity of exposing all these documents.

Gisella Weisshauss,
New York

Reader Appreciates Catherine Wilson Article

Dear Editor:

After reading the article about Westchester’s Socio-Economic Divide I had to write you this letter. I was issued a Certificate of Residence by the Department of Finance for the fall semester but because of my economic hardship I was unable to use it. I am now registered to start my course work at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the spring but the department did not issue me a certificate because they claim that the government-issued ID that I have is unacceptable.

Catherine Wilson eloquently put in scope what I have been suspecting for the longest time. They created one more hurdle to prevent industrious people like myself to get out of the ditch because it would be one head less to claim as being low-income.

Lisette Muntslag, Yonkers

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