Thursday, December 11, 2008

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Our Opinion...

Be Careful What You Wish For

Back in late May of 2005, someone whispered in Janet DiFiore’s ear, as she hastily whipped her judicial robe off, to go fetch the Republican nomination for Westchester DA, “Be careful what you wish for.” We believe that was very sage advice.

That was three and a half years ago in the corridor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains, and Janet, despite a history of political devisiveness and close association with a carload of sneaky players, hadn’t yet shown her own willingness to engage in ugly politics, to the public. Despite the tension and the accusations that marked her relationship with Jeanine Pirro, for six years under Carl Vergari, and six more under Jeanine, still, Janet was always waiting in the wings to step into her shoes.

Truth was, the two women shared nothing but hard feelings; suspicions and outright accusations with regard to their spouses. A high-ranking assistant DA once told a group we stood with, “There wasn’t enough room in the Office for both of their egos.”

Janet, back on that evening at the Westchester Republican Party Convention, was all pumped up. Jeanine had finally let the second shoe drop, announcing that she would not seek a fourth term, less than 24 hours earlier, as the result of a very comprehensive, and expensive, polling effort that had flatly indicated she would lose to Tony Castro. But Janet had an intense sense of entitlement about being the DA, and some connections and favors she was confident would make her the new Queen Bee, no matter what the polls said.

Those who thought naively that she would represent a departure from the self-promotion, the manipulation, the political dirty tricks, and the tyranny of Jeanine Pirro; all of the ugliness and unlawful activity that had come to be associated with the DA’s Office, would soon experience disillusionment, an abrupt awakening. They would discover, both in her campaign and her running of the Office, that Janet would achieve new lows, squandering any opportunity to make things right for the People of Westchester.

Janet’s agenda has been every bit as self-promotional as Jeanine’s, and, in many ways, more treacherous. What she lacks in skills and personal gravitas she has clumsily and recklessly attempted to compensate for with ugly and unlawful political antics. The departure of more than 60 assistant DAs and investigators, and the discontentment and record low morale of the Office, speak volumes about her incompetence, and unfitness, to hold office.

Janet has truly made a mess where a great opportunity lay just a short three and a half years ago. Her list of wrong-headed mistakes grows daily as she tries desperately to quiet her critics and cover up her unlawful activities, both in, and out, of the Office. The latest of her blatant, First Amendment violations; her use of Al D’Amato in an attempt to silence Giulio Cavallo, and stifle the truth, bears witness to all that is wrong with her occupation of the Office of Westchester District Attorney. Those most affected, the People, will soon get the opportunity to straighten that problem out, to undo what Janet’s political hoodlums imposed on them.

Our Readers Respond....

A. Reader Expresses Concerns Over

Comparison of A. Spano with G. Kriss

Dear Editor:

Your front page article, comparing actions of Gary Kriss to those of Andy Spano, is terrible. That statement is disrespectful and cruel. I’m sure Andy Spano would never do what Gary Kriss did. I believe Mr. Spano is a [sic] overall decent man. Saying his management of the County is bad is one thing, but trying to make him out to be a potential political thief is quite another.

The local press is being allowed to go too far with their criticism of him now. I feel it should be stopped. There must be other officials to criticize and blame for money and other issues, too.

A. Reader

Another DiFiore Victim Speaks Up

Dear Editor:

On Sept. 4, 2008, the Westchester District Attorney charged me with Criminal Contempt, First Degree, for merely being in the presence of Janet Foster, allegedly violating an Order of Protection. However, notwithstanding the above, it was disclosed on Sept. 8, 2008 that said Order Of Protection was vacated on Sept. 2, 2008.

To cover up the unlawful arrest occurring on September 4, 2008 for allegedly violating an invalid Order Of Protection; DA DiFiore via Assistant District Attorney Pauline Haghes, knowingly and maliciously instituted false charges of Stalking And Harassing. The DA’s Office, in an attempt to get me to plead guilty to the false charges of Stalking And Harassing, held me in jail, contrary to my demands for a trial, from Sept. 4, 2008 to Oct. 27, 2008, 54 days, asking me to plead guilty for credit for time served. This offer, by the DA, was blatantly malicious, and I turned it down.

Ronald Ackridge, New Rochelle

Reader Exposes A Matter Of Serious Concern

Dear Editor:

Thanksgiving has just passed in the usual fashion of food, football and the way too standard thoughts about liberty and freedom. The greatness of our nation stemmed out of the seed of truth. The passion for truth broke the chains of tyranny, abuse and sanctified theft from the predatory government and the self-righteous corruption of greedy kings and their henchmen. Have the greedy corrupt corporate Kings recently appeared on Wall Street, plundering funds from the population, with golden parachutes and self-centered million-dollar holiday bonuses? Are elitist corporate
ghouls and state executives draining millions and billions from the pension plans and corporate accounts of hard-working New York families, smirking all the while, because they know they are totally protected in New York by the equally greedy henchmen they put in place in the New York Court System? Is this the reason New York is now being called the Empire Criminal State? One only has to read your paper and go to the website called “” to see the truth of the massive corruption in New York.

Our patriots, with no blackberries or 100 channels of su-per-color, high-definition tv, or co-pay medical plans, defeated the corrupt king and their corrupt judiciary system wearing only rags. The corrupt judiciary of the king often stole the citizens’ land and assets from them. Sound like our present Surrogate Courts?

Our past patriots were motivated by an amazing, almost Biblical, zeal for the Truth. Possibly the greatest weapons the patriots had for revealing the Truth was the Freedom Of The Press. Freedom Of The Press assured honest editors the ability to shine the light of truth into the dark “in-chamber” backroom deals of the corrupt barons and kings and their corrupt judges stealing the assets of the common man, via secret handshakes
and clubs kept secret from the public, so that those who could steal from the public could do it in secret. Where is that zeal for the truth today?

I know of only two places where the light of honesty burns like a beacon on a mountain in New York. One of those places is The Westchester Guardian newspaper, where the editor and owners realize their responsibility to carry the Truth through a press that will not be manipulated or silenced by corrupt forces at work in New York State. How many other newspapers can say that?

Many of the editors and reporters of other media outlets might take a good, hard look in the mirror and see if they have the courage to reveal the same integrity. Few want to admit it, but massive corruption is causing the near-total economic bankruptcy in New York. That corruption is being protected by a corrupt court system. Because of the integrity of The Westchester Guardian, the zeal of our past patriots who carried and honored
the Truth has not totally fallen to the ground, and is something the people of New York should be very thankful for. Some of our patriots of old knew they were carrying the same flame of truth that the prophets of old carried and revealed.

How many other papers carry this standard of honoring the truth? Lip services to the truth is no service at all! Here is a simple question for the
public, and perhaps our Governor, who might dare an answer to this question: Will we one day see in The Westchester Guardian or our friends behind the website, the exposure of a huge elder home, Surrogate Courts theft ring, that is using the Surrogate Courts of New York as a sophisticated, well-protected criminal laundry to wash millions, if not billions, in stolen homes and bank accounts from the legitimate families of New York and economy of New York, when those families head into New York estate courts?

Are people bringing in known false documents and estate accountings into Surrogate Courts to make senior’s near-million-dollar estates look like a
$2,000 estate, and the rest of the funds are laundered? Here is what may be a major key, that New York law enforcement seems not to want to talk about, deal with or allow the public to see. Are the refundable security deposits due back to the estates of our helpless disabled seniors vanishing when estate accounting fails to appear as required by law, or bogus accountings are substituted in protected sham courts?

Just to give the reader an idea of the amount of money that could be involved, if this is happening, follow this line of thought out. If the average refundable security deposit of someone going into a nursing home in the tri-state area is $30,000, and 100 seniors die in a home a year, and that money is not accounted for correctly, or at all in Surrogate Courts, do we have 30 thousand X 100=3 million falling through the cracks in one estate court alone? Who is standing under those cracks? Any one have any ideas? I do.

What if this is going on in multiple estate courts around New York? Is it 30 grand X 8,000 or 30 grand X 20,000 seniors? This is a small item in the bigger picture. What happens to lost bank accounts that did hold hundreds of thousands of dollars, or the homes and properties of seniors’ estates, when forged documents or forged accountings are knowingly allowed into courts?

Are we looking at the largest corruption theft scandal in the history of New York State? Our Governor has asked for the public to come up with ways to save the people of New York from what he called a looming 47 billion-dollar debt and a near-economic collapse. I have one suggestion that might save millions, if not multiple billions, and that is to stop the corruption in the estate courts of New York now and stop bleeding the
families of New York to death. And, so, at this time of Thanksgiving, I, like friends at give thanks for the owners and editors at The Westchester Guardian newspaper who cannot be stopped from revealing the Truth. The honorable people of New York owe them a tremendous debt. Thanks, also, to you-know-who at

Richard Kuse

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