Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Thursday, January 22, 2009.

In Our Opinion...

He Toiled That Others Might Enjoy Equality Of Opportunity

The Westchester community suffered a great loss Friday, January 9th with the passing of Paul Redd, one tough advocate for Black employment
opportunity, social and housing equality. We knew him as a man who was very direct with respect to his opinions, one who left no doubt about his agenda; and, one who never stopped advocating that agenda.

Paul truly believed that persistence overcomes resistance. He began writing for the Westchester County Press in 1961 and, for nearly five decades, he hammered home the need for openness of opportunity politically, and in all aspects of daily living, for African-American citizens, not only in Westchester, but everywhere, taking over ownership of the newspaper in 1986.

Born in Virginia, he came north to New York with his family in 1942 at age 14. He was a young activist, all of 28 years old, when, together with his wife Orial, he demonstrated for equality in public accomodations in Atlanta, Georgia, standing up to be counted, side-by-side with such giants of the civil rights movement as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ralph Abernathy, in the Segregated South of 1956.

In May of 2005, We had the memorable experience of covering the Westchester Republican Committee’s nominating convention chaired by osemarie Paneo at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, White Plains, together with Paul. We had just gotten seated, together with approximately 100 Republican committee members, when somebody stepped up to the podium to announce that everyone was being asked to leave the room, line up in the corridor, and come back in only after showing proper identification and credentials.

For several minutes, it was touch and go regarding whether Paul Redd, a well-known Democrat, was going to be allowed back into the room. Paul
handled the matter good-naturedly, smiling and cracking jokes about the sudden belated screening process. Nevertheless, as I gazed around the
room, before the nominating event got underway, Paul was one of only two Black persons present. The other fellow was a video cameraman.

Perhaps the nervousness of the committee came from the fact that it had been less than 24 hours since DA Jeanine Pirro had finally announced that she would not be running for a fourth term, and Janet DiFiore was ripping off her judicial robes in haste to take her place.

Paul lived to see the fruits of his toil, including David Paterson, become the first Black governor of New York State, the defeat of Nick Spano by Andrea Stewart-Cousins for the 35th District State Senate seat, Malcolm Smith as State Senate Majority Leader, not to mention the election of President Barack Obama.

Paul’s contribution to all of the above is immeasureable, and We will miss his unique and untiring contributions to Westchester’s ever-evolving political commentary.

Our Readers Respond...

Reader Expresses Unending Concerns About Yonkers Police Brutality

Dear Editor:

As a concerned citizen, I’m writing about the unprofessional and brutal conduct of the Yonkers Police Department. They are a vicious and biased police agency. Certain judges like Arthur Doran III are basically in league with their actions.

Many people are needlessly arrested on trumped-up charges or ticketed beyond belief. Your past articles about their behavior has put a long-needed spotlight on a renegade police force. I commend you on this good work, and ask that you continue these editorials to make them somehow stop
this behavior of abuse and harm.

Finally, Detective Joe Rosulo of the Yonkers Police Department is just one example of this massive problem. He’s accused of robbing drug dealers and there are other Yonkers cops like him on this traitorous police force. In addition, there are numerous people who were set up by Yonkers cops that are now in jail or prison.

Moreover, the stories by Jeff Deskovic are well-written and heartbreaking. Tragically, there are people like him who were treated in a similar manner by the Yonkers Police Department.

I ask, respectfully, that you focus on their unjust plight, as well.

Mt. Vernon City Comptroller Speaks Up

Dear Editor:

It appears the Inspector General was appointed by the mayor with the specific instructions to “attack” the City Comptroller. After a short time on the job, he initiated an “OIG Report of PILOTS” which was done solely on my testimony at a City Council hearing. The ‘audit’ was done without any “first hand” investigation and contained numerous untruths and inaccuracies. The conclusion arrived at in that report was not supported by facts but represented the political views of the Inspector General.

The recently released report dated January 13, 2009 is riddled with inaccuracies, untruths, unfounded allegations and is basically a political document that appears to be the work of a desperate individual who is preparing to wage a run for public office against a political opponent. As an example of these unfounded allegations, the Inspector General reported that the Comptroller knowingly supplied an inaccurate Supplemental 2007 Financ
ial Statement to the State. The Comptroller supplies the state with an audited IDA financial report each year. is report is prepared
by an IDA contracted CPA firm using financial information provided by the Comptroller. The Comptroller does not prepare or provide the state with Supplemental Schedules as alleged by the Inspector General.

The Inspector General who is being paid by the taxpayers of Mount Vernon does not appear to be performing any duties and/or functions associated with his office. The numerous situations in Mount Vernon City Government that warrant his attention are being ignored while he engages in a cheap political witch hunt that apparently targets one individual in City Hall: the City Comptroller. The Inspector General
had compromised his office and his integrity to the point that I am of the firm belief that he is incapable of performing the duties and functions for which he was appointed.

As the independent chief financial officer of the City of Mount Vernon, I can understand the objective of using the Inspector General to go after the ONLY elected official in City government who acts as a means of “checks and balances” on behalf of the residents of our City.

As I continue to examine the Inspector General’s report, I will be responding in detail to each and every one of his politically-motivated
and unfounded allegations.

Maureen Walker,
Mount Vernon City Comptroller

Reader Attacks Roe v Wade

Dear Editor:

On January 22 we will be at the Supreme Court steps at March for Life in Washington, D.C. because the President-elect who spoke about hope and freedom, also promised to enact the most extreme pro-abortion policies ever.

It is sad that so many believe that we are serving women by removing all limits on abortion. Abortion has degraded the value of every life by abstract decisions of who lives and who does not. It has placed the welfare of pregnant minor children out of the safety and support of parents who love them, and into the hands of a life-destroying industry. “Freedom of choice” has become the ultimate bondage for countless women who mourn their unborn children, and for some who recognize now that these were the only children they will ever have.

The price of sexual freedom is the increasing list of communicable diseases, and regret for a lifetime for those who contract them. Abortion has secured the right of irresponsible behavior and abandonment by some men. Even simple protections for women seeking abortions are not
passed out of fear of overturning Roe v Wade. Protecting the right to abortion at any time, any way, and for any reason has become more important than the women it professes to protect.

Abortion is not a woman’s “right” that has set her free; it is an act that has objectified her in the very way she fought against, only now legally. Women have been duped by an industry that seeks nothing but its own profit and political influence, while destroying innocent life and countless families.

In time truth will win out, but I fear the many more lives lost and the long suffering that will come as a result if this new Administration’s
policies are enacted.

We will continue to reach out to those suffering no matter the cost or the consequence, and we will continue to speak about the lie of
abortion to every Administration. So, if you are suffering because of a past abortion, join us in Washington or visit us at or e-mail

Theresa Bonopartis
Director of Lumina, Help and Healing
After Abortion and a member of Silent No More

Reader Troubled By Injustice In Paul Cote Case

Dear Editor:

As an avid reader of your weekly newspaper, I want to commend you on the recent article for Paul Cote. It is an utter disgrace this matter
is going on for 8 long years. It is inevitable a frame-up is in perspective. Your support for Mr. Cote is admirable in trying to bring out the truth in the case.

Keep up the good work.

Anne Bauer,

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