Thursday, April 2, 2009

Westchester Guardian/The Court Report.

Thursday, April 2, 2009.

The Court Report
By Richard Blassberg

This Retired New York City Police Officer,
Kicked From Pillar To Post, Is No Longer
Willing To Accept The Corruption And
Collusion Of The Ninth Judicial District

Westchester County Bar Association
One North Broadway, Suite 512
White Plains, New York 10601
Michael Kelly
- Against -
Anthony Dellicarri

Comes now, Michael Kelly sui juris, on this day March 24, 2009. Matter of Kelly -v- Dellicarri.

Members of the panel, I Michael Kelly present today at the Westchester County Bar Association One North Broadway, New York, 10601 write this affidavit and make it a part of the public record to preserve my Sovereign and Constitutionally protected rights.

This informal hearing scheduled for today March 24, 2009 is designed to act as a court of no record. I have been informed via your staff that no record of this hearing is going to be documented either by a court stenographer or recording devise. Therefore any statements made at said hearing will not be documented and no record will be made.

I hereby wish to retain my right to be heard at a formal hearing fully documented and transcribed. The documents submitted to this panel prove that my civil and criminal files had been retained and not fully turned over to me in a timely fashion by my former attorney Anthony Dellicarri, before his appointment to the position of Senior Assistant District Attorney Rockland County, New York.

My due process rights were violated by not having access to my files. I was denied the right of a hearing because of the fact I did not have my files. Retaliation from the Rockland County District Attorney’s office has been levied against me (Michael Kelly) since the filing of a formal complaint filed with the Grievance Committee.

A prior charge of Harassment 2nd Degree which Mr. Dellicarri was representing me on, was removed from Rockland County Justice Court and the charge was upgraded to Assault 2nd Degree, by the Rockland County District Attorney‘s Office, after Mr. Dellicarri appointment to the position of Senior Prosecutor.

The charge, without a Grand Jury hearing the facts, was reduced back to Harassment 2nd degree and sent back to Justice Court Rockland County, where a trial was conducted. I (Michael Kelly), was found guilty of Harassment 2nd degree and sentenced to 14 days in the Rockland County Correctional Facility and the maximum fine was charged against me, a first time offender.

Now I (Michael Kelly) am directed to partake in this informal hearing that has the potential of destroying any remedies of possible redress in the future. Based upon the numerous submitted correspondences by Mr. Kelly to this panel , which clearly document the facts of this matter, this case should be forwarded to the Grievance Committee where a formal and thorough State investigation is warranted, not an informal hearing with any record held by a panel of Mr. Dellicarri’s peers.

By the fact that this hearing is not being documented it takes on the appearance of impropriety. Please advise me of the date and time of the
hearing that will be documented and the testimony and facts will be part of the record. I thank you for your time and consideration regarding
this matter.

Sworn on this day of our Lord:

Michael Kelly, sui juris

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