Thursday, September 3, 2009

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

In Our Opinion...

Imposed Affordable Housing Settlement Brings County Legislators’ Moment Of Truth

We believe the Westchester County Legislature, a body of 17 individuals, 13 of whom, whose One thousand Dollars A Week For Life lottery tickets have been validated by Andy Spano, with the advice and consent of Larry Schwartz, must now face their constituents.

They have shown us in the recent past, just last year, in fact, that the super-majority of them, the Democrats, are willing to do just about anything Andy asks of them, without hesitation and without scrutiny, no matter how unanimously their constituents may protest against it. Deciding, whether or not, to approve of the punitive over-reaching $65 million settlement that Andy’s misappropriation of $52 million, and his untruthfulness to the federal government, has put on Westchester families’ shoulders, may now very well turn out to be their moment
of truth.

There are so many unanswered questions and so little time to get things straight; less than a month. One thing is certain, however, taxpayers will be watching very closely and, taxpayers are also voters.

It will be most interesting to see just how thoroughly legislators are willing to scrutinize Spano, and whether or not they have
courage enough to bring Larry Schwartz before them, by subpoena, if necessary, to reveal the strategies and thinking that resulted in our present dilemma. And, what about the Spano Administration’s all-too-ready willingness to accept the settlement?

The taxpayers and families of Westchester have every right to know more about, and to express themselves at public hearings with respect to, every aspect of the ultimatum now before “their legislators”.

We believe the moment is fast approaching when most everyone will be proclaiming, “Emperor Spano is wearing no clothes.” How sad it will be for the Board, and for us all, if they are too late in recognizing that fact.

Simply because neither Jeanine Pirro nor Janet DiFiore were willing to discharge their responsibility to the People of Westchester, by investigating official misconduct in the County Executive’s Office, does not mean there hasn’t been any. Quite the contrary. Given the track record of the current DA, who prefers to prosecute the innocent and protect the guilty, her failure to look into the matter raises our suspicion all the more.

Our Readers Respond...

Paul Feiner Endorses Tony Castro For DA

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, September 15, I will be voting for Tony Castro for District Attorney. This is not the first time I will be supporting his candidacy. Tony was the Democratic Party nominee for DA four years ago, and eight years ago when he was our party’s enthusiastic choice for DA against Jeanine Pirro. Some people think that Jeanine did not seek re-election four years ago because she was concerned about facing Tony again.

I was impressed with Tony since the day I first met him and learned about his life. He is an immigrant of Portugal. His father was a sherman; his mother a seamstress. He appreciates working class people; one of the many reasons why he received the Working Families Party line.

Tony is uniquely qualified for the post. He graduated from Harvard with a scholarship, and went to Boston College Law School. He worked his way through both. He joined the Bronx District Attorney’s Office and rose through the ranks to become Deputy Bureau Chief.

Tony has a big agenda planned if he is successful in winning election. He will take the lead role in pursuing internet issues such as pedophiles and predators who target both minors and seniors, through the immediate restoration of previously effective programs. He will eliminate the duplication of services and competition with local law enforcement.

As District Attorney, Tony will provide leadership by aggressively investigating and prosecuting criminals involved in elder abuse and other related areas such as money scams where our senior citizens are most vulnerable. The DA’s Office will become more efficient in pursuing financial swindling that has affected taxpayer dollars under Tony’s leadership.

Tony Castro will provide a pro-active platform for addressing ongoing gang-related issues, and implementing a Safe Streets Program involving the collaboration of citizens, police and probation officers that will focus on violence, assaults, and juvenile delinquency and criminal activity.

Finally, Tony introduced me to two individuals who served time in prison for crimes they did not commit. Tony will aggressively fight to keep innocent people out of jail; and, if they’re in jail, he’ll work to get their rights restored.

Over the years I have many attorneys and former colleagues of Tony who think the world of him. I know that he will be a fantastic public
official, and I urge the support of all citizens.

Paul Feiner, Greenburgh Town Supervisor

Reader Wants To “Throw The Bums Out!”

Dear Editor:

I read your article, “Throw The Bums Out!”. You are so right. We, the People, have the power in our fingertips on Election Day to do this. How long do we, the tax over-paying public, have to put up with this totally incompetent Westchester County government?

I say the answer is to vote out of office every single incumbent holding office. If a Republican is the incompetent, vote them out. If a Democrat is the incumbent, vote them out. Change everybody holding public office with your vote this year. Start with every New York State Senator. ank them for all the fun they had at our expense this summer.

Then, the County Executive of Westchester; even his own son is voting against him. We should be that smart to do the same. We cry about taxes and we vote back in office the ones who raised our taxes. The County Legislature is a blank check for the County Executive.

They rubber-stamp every commissioner, director, and incompetent Spano put in office for the last three terms, thank you!

I would say it’s about time the politicians go on the unemployment lines and we go back to being the enlightened voters I believe Westchester citizens are. I would also say to the new office-holders I hope we have this fall, “You have two, three or four years in office to get it right. You are the new incumbents and, if you do not get it right, bye!”

Respectfully submitted by a 53-year resident of Westchester County.

Stephen Celestino, Tuckahoe

The Thugacracy Comes To Yorktown

Dear Editor:

I thought this was a great place to live, and I am sure that is the reason most of us moved to Yorktown. Therefore, I would not believe what was going on behind the scenes unless it personally happened to me.

I have had my run-in with the Highway Superintendent Eric DiBartolo. He has great PR as he is a real media hound and leaves the impression that he is doing a great job. But at what cost? On the surface everything is fine until you cross him or question his “authority”.

The town did some work near my property and left some debris. They said they would be back to pick it up. When they did not come back, I called
the Highway Department. A few days later I happened to see one of the Town Councilmen and told him the problem.

The next thing I know I have a finger in my face and am being told by the Highway Super to “never go over his head again.” I told the story to someone else and they said they had a similar experience. They were intimidated by the threat and never told anyone.

Apparently this was not just a “bad day”, but is a pattern. I am a taxpayer and I pay the salary of every public servant in this town. There is no need for me, or any citizen, to be treated in this manner.

Ross Campbell, Jefferson Valley

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