Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Our Opinion...

Hey, Mike!

We strongly support the First Amendment, particularly Freedom Of The Press. As a newspaper, we are very sensitive to any attempt,
no matter how subtle or disguised, to stifle free expression of one’s knowledge or beliefs. History has repeatedly shown us that totalitarian
regimes characteristically do not accept, or live in harmony with, a free press.

A free press, and an unfettered marketplace of ideas, is essential to any Democratic society or form of government. However, it is mandatory
that anyone holding themselves out as a journalist be willing to identify both himself and his source, especially when publishing an accusatory piece, one that may be damaging to another, or to their reputation. In this regard, although we support the First Amendment in all of its manifestations, be they broadcast, newsprint, hard-covered, or electronic, we have no respect for those who would ventilate their flatulent offerings while hiding behind the anonymity of their computer IP.

Such creatures foul up the marketplace of ideas with their excretions, frequently not merely assuming an Anon or some other fictional
identification, but often using many assumed identities, sometimes 10 or 12, posting one dropping after another, asking and answering their own irrelevancies. At times these ‘burnt offerings’ are almost amusing, but for their usual highly defamatory content. For such posters, it’s as though they can’t get their daily fix until they spew their venom, and then go hide.

To suggest that such multiple posters are cowardly creatures is to engage in classic British understatement. They have an axe to grind, and/or an agenda, or somebody else’s agenda to further, and frequently go from blog to blog, leaving behind their mostly fictional, malicious rants, much as graffiti sprayers do as they go from wall to fence, disfiguring the urban panorama.

Interestingly, even when they blow their own cover with their repetitive beef, their practice-specific terminology, and their manic repetition,
getting identified by name by the very next poster, they go right on as if the silver bullet had just bounced off their body armor. In reality, they are pathetically addicted to the blogosphere, getting a rush from posting rude, sometimes very crude, remarks about decent individuals whose shoes they couldn’t shine, whose eyes they couldn’t look into; they don’t stand tall enough.

“Cowardly creatures”? Sure, but somehow ‘little worm’ seems a much more fitting description. It’s truly hard to tell if they are one notch above, or one notch below, the creeps who write on the walls in public toilets. As a “political commentator”, Mike Edelman, what do you think?

Our Readers Respond...

And Now A Word From The Right

Dear Editor:

After reading an article by your Democratic operative, Fred Polvere (Our Elite Media) I must ask a question culled from his “objective” article. On what planet do you spend your time, Mr. Polvere? The article deals with an ad placed on MoveOn.Org during the Bush Administration which spliced together images of Bush and Hitler. It is Polvere’s contention that the Republican Party unfairly condemned the Democrats when he claims they were totally innocent in the publication of the ads.

For Polvere’s information MoveOn.Org is a left-wing group funded by George Soros, an avowed Socialist, and an unofficial arm of the Democratic Party. To state as he did in the article that the Republicans should have remained mum and not condemned the Soros group and the Democrats is na├»ve. Who runs the mainstream media in America today? Not the Republicans or the various conservative talk show hosts,
but as Polvere knows, or should know, the media is infested with Liberals who wouldn’t know the truth if they fell over it.

Instead he condemns the Fox News Channel which at least makes an effort to present both sides of an issue. Can the same be said for CBS, NBC, ABC or the New York Times? The fact that a majority of Americans fell for the left wing propaganda of the left wing media and elected a neo-Marxist President is clear proof of the “objectivity” of the press. If they had dared to tell the truth about Obama’s background, his associates, and his political philosophy, it is a good bet that he would not be sitting in the White House with his American hating wife. The press in America has disgraced itself by laying down and becoming a harlot for the Obama Administration.

Sal Dye, New Rochelle

Another Good Idea From Paul

Dear Editor:

At the meeting of the Greenburgh Town Board on September 9th two residents spoke of the value of CPR training. One mother (Janine Thompson) advised the Town Board that her small child’s life was saved because a child care provider who worked for her provided CPR after the child choked (and after the frightened mother failed to successfully stop the choking). Wendy Marder Lewin also spoke of the need for CPR training.

The presentation made me reflect on an unpleasant fact: most people do not know what to do if a family member has a choking incident. Even if someone had CPR training years ago –if they don’t get refreshers, they will forget what needs to be done. I would like to suggest that all school districts teach every middle school and high school student CPR. CPR training by a qualified instructor could save lives. Students should also learn how to relieve choking and how to use an AED –automated external defibrillator. If one life is saved because of this annual instruction it would be worth the cost. Providing CPR training to every middle school and high school student and reinforcing the training each year makes a tremendous amount of sense.

Paul Feiner, Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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