Thursday, September 10, 2009

Westchester Guardian/The Court Report/Dan Schorr/Janet Difiore.

Thursday. September 10, 2009

The Court Report
By Richard Blassberg

Dan Schorr Refutes DA DiFiore’s Statements
Victim Issued Letter To The Court Denouncing Minimal Sentence

Last Tuesday, September 1st, Dan Schorr, Republican candidate for Westchester District Attorney, stepped up his criticism of the handling of David Sanchez by that Office under Janet DiFiore. Schorr had previously strongly criticized DiFiore on August 17th for having offered Sanchez, who had been charged with Attempted Murder and Assault for savagely beating his ex-girlfriend nearly to death for more than five hours, holding her hostage in her car, a plea-bargained minimal sentence of five years in State prison.

Following Schorr’s remarks on August 17th, the DA’s Office issued a written response claiming that there had been no plea deal, and that the Court had made the sentence determination, and not the District Attorney’s Office.

At his press conference on Tuesday, Mr. Schorr said, “The Court record clearly indicates that the sentencing Mr. Sanchez received was a result of a negotiated plea bargain that was orchestrated by the DA’s Office.”

He went on, “Not only did Janet DiFiore offer another lenient plea bargain to a violent felon, but she then issued false statements to the media in order to cover up her complicity.”

The victim, Stephanie Vedovino also criticized the plea deal, issuing a letter to the Court denouncing the minimal sentence and Sanchez’ return to
society in five short years after his horrific crimes.

Again, your Honor, these are the words of Stephanie Vedovino. The following documentation is to inform the Courts of New York State, regarding the case of David Sanchez, of the events and occurrences which took place on May 29, 2008.

There was a force in Mr. Sanchez that I had never before experienced. It was a violent nature that terribly frightened me. The experiences that followed were traumatic and violent and very definitely, life-threatening.

I was beaten unconscious several times. It is difficult to remember some specific details. However, for six-and a-half hours, Mr. Sanchez held me as a prisoner in my own vehicle, turning it into a live torture chamber, where he violently attacked me and beat me viciously, threatening my life. I suffered from a fractured left eye orbit, a broken nose, facial distortion, skull and cranial contusions, contusions between my two scapula, contusions to my upper forearms, a slight concussion, a ruptured left eardrum, a blood filled eye, due to many broken blood vessels, lost hair, a
bruised trachea, visible strangulation marks around my neck and burns to my skin on my left arm caused by cigarette burns.

Mr. Sanchez told me in no uncertain terms that he was going to torture me the entire night and that I would be awake to see it all, until he would finally take my life. Mr. Sanchez is an extremely strong and athlete individual, and it was clearly impossible for me to escape from him. My vehicle became bloodbath, with splatters of blood including having spotted the interior roof of the vehicle, and strands of loose hair. My life was spared only through a miraculous intervention of a phone call.

At this point another party heard almost incoherent, terrified sounds. Mount Pleasant Police were then phoned and they searched and located my vehicle on Lilac Place in Hawthorne, New York, about a quarter mile down from my actual job site. The details are fuzzy as I was unconscious part of the time but Mr. Sanchez drove the vehicle himself to that location. Mount Pleasant police officers approached the vehicle.

Mr. Sanchez apparently told the police officer that I was his girlfriend and I had fallen down the stairs. At that point? while waiting for an additional officer, they took him into custody.

Mr. Sanchez then turned and shouted very loudly that he was just going to sit in the back of the cop car and everything was going to be all right.
Mr. Sanchez was then placed in custody in the back of the patrol vehicle. In my condition, I was required to go to headquarters to try to give a verbal deposition. There I finally was transferred to an ambulance and received medical attention at Westchester Medical Center. I was housed in a shelter for battered women. I am in constant and enormous pain both physically and emotionally. I receive therapy twice a week and group therapy once a week and am living in constant fear.

Following these truly terrifying events, I have come to realize that there is no greater fear than the fear of knowing that your own life may at any moment be taken by another so-called human being in your own society. The realization of awaiting the day, or having knowledge that there is a day to come where this individual will be once again in the arms of society, among the innocent, is a day wanted forbidden to come.

The face of justice, would that be the face of an incomplete woman, or is it not to ever see the face of the nemesis again. Does a stranger hold any
significance in this case, to those who have defeated the strangest individual. This is to all who consider society to be as a whole, for it is not a whole with those who cut through it. Please consider the truth of justice. The truth of justice which is one’s justice and freedom in society, we belong to society, not belong running from society. How can one call themselves to be one, when they can torture another one with no remorse, no reason, no cause, and be set free, to prey once again on society.

How can there be such justice for the individual who is capable of causing such harm to another, perhaps taking a life of another. Following the
release of a criminal from their sentenced time of imprisonment, the victim will indefinitely continue to find themselves still serving time.

Your Honor, that being said the People acknowledge, as does the victim, that this is a negotiated plea, that the Court’s promise to the defendant is a sentence of five years state prison and we’d ask your Honor to abide by the negotiations.

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