Thursday, December 3, 2009

Westchester Guardian Article/Ken Jenkins.

Back on Sept. 15th, during, and immediately after, the Democratic Primary between incumbent 17th District County Legislator Jose Alvarado and challenger Sandy Annabi, and the Primary for City Council District 2, Democratic designation, involving Virginia Perez, Wilson Terrero, and two other candidates, we had expressed our disappointment with the behavior of Ken Jenkins. Responding to calls from poll watchers throughout southwest Yonkers, we came upon numerous instances of Election Fraud, at various polling places, intended to benefit Alvarado, Terrero, Janet DiFiore, and Tim Idoni, the Democratic Party designees. In some cases we arrived at polling places within a few minutes of Jenkins’ departure, as in the case of 15 Hamilton Avenue, a polling location in a senior housing complex.

At that site, we had observed an individual who other poll workers complained had steered voters to Alvarado and Terrero, as well as having voted numerous times for them herself, in addition to electioneering within the polling place and wrongfully interrogating supporters of Annabi and Perez as to whom they would be voting for before turning them away on one false ruse or another. We expressed disappointment with the fact that Jenkins, Yonkers City Democratic Chairman, had done absolutely nothing to report or stop the fraudulent activities.

Running without Republican or other opposition for reelection to the 16th District legislative seat, Jenkins would be Alvarado’s and Terrero’s running mate, and, wasn’t going to let a little thing like numerous instances of reported Election Fraud; the turning away of voters who were qualified to vote, the intentional jamming of opponents’ levers in the machine, electioneering right into the voting machine, reported unauthorized voting at different polling places, and the like, to get in the way. As chairman of the largest municipal Democratic Committee in the County, and likely the third largest in the State, exclusive of New York City, Ken Jenkins saw no reason to curtail the unlawful activity on Primary Election Day, nor any reason to investigate the many complaints raised by affidavit by decent, honest Democrats in Yonkers who had been “run over” by Alvarado and Terrero operatives and poll workers selected by Jenkins.

Jenkins had nothing to say when The Guardian exposed attorney Wilson Soto’s felony Election Fraud, his falsely swearing on an affidavit ballot that he lived at 279 South Broadway, Yonkers, when, in fact, he lives at 8 Huron Road, several miles away. Jenkins has no problem at all with politicians and political operatives claiming they live one place when, in fact, they live somewhere else.

After all, he lives at 108 Bushey Avenue with his wife and children, a single-family dwelling clearly in the 15th Legislative District, but claims he lives at 28 Moultrie Avenue, a multiple dwelling in District 16 where, incredibly, he is the legislator. Apparently little fibs like intentionally falsely swearing on voting affidavits don’t really matter much to Legislator/Party Chairman Ken Jenkins, even though doing so is a felony.

It isn’t as though Jenkins was ever unaware of the fraud he has been perpetrating ever since he decided he would be the one to replace former County Legislator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, when she moved into the State Senate after beating Nick Spano in November 2006 for a second time, having beaten him in 2004 by 355 votes, but getting screwed out of her victory by the combined efforts of such Democrats as Andy Spano, Larry Schwartz, Reggie LaFayette and, yes, Ken Jenkins, who never so much as spoke out on her behalf. He knew, as Yonkers City Chairman, he would get to replace her the next time she ran, and the Justice Department saw to it that Nick and his hoodlums, and Democratic co-conspirators, would do nothing to risk a stretch in federal prison.

No, it isn’t as though he hasn’t tried to gerrymander part of the district he actually lives in, District 15 into District 16 so that District 16 would include the street he has been living on for years with his family. In fact, almost a year ago, on December 4, 2008, he made a feeble, half-hearted attempt with a memo to his fellow legislators, “To correct a boundary in Legislative Districts [sic] 15 and Legislative District 16, located in the City of Yonkers.” Apparently, later he thought it was better not to bring attention to his ongoing fraud because the issue was never brought to the floor for action, as far as we can tell.

A visit to the Board of Elections last Monday, November 23, produced copies of Ken’s and Mrs. Jenkins’ voter registration cards. Deborah Hudson-Jenkins’ registration, that dates back to April of 1988, clearly indicates that she lives on Bushey Avenue in Yonkers. However, Kenneth W. Jenkins’ voter reregistration, filed on December 18, 2006, following the election of Stuart-Cousins, indicates that he had moved from 108 Bushey Avenue, and was now living at 28 Moultrie Avenue, inside Legislative District 16.

A visit to 28 Moultrie Avenue to photograph it on Saturday, Nov. 21 at 1pm, produced an interesting exchange with an actual resident of that apparent multiple dwelling. We photographed the building by getting out of our vehicle, walking up in front of it, and conspicuously shooting pictures.

Getting back into our car, we continued slowly north, up the street to its end and turned around. Approaching the house from the opposite direction we observed a tall, middle-aged man stepping out into the street, attempting to hail us down. We pulled up to speak with him.

He asked, “Why were you taking pictures of the house?” We told him that were with the Westchester Guardian newspaper and we were taking pictures of the houses where County officials live.

We asked, “Does Ken Jenkins live here?” The gentlemen replied, “Yes, he do; he gets his mail here.”

We asked, “Do you live here?” pointing to house number 28. He responded, “Yes.”

We then asked, “Does Kenny live here with his family?” He then said, “He comes here with his family.”

Ken Jenkins would appear to be carrying on a major scam with regard to his domicile address for political purposes for nearly three years now, having put himself, by virtue of his chairmanship of the Yonkers Democratic Committee, into the former County legislative seat of now-State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins. He apparently reasoned that nobody would be the wiser if, despite actually living for many years on Bushey Avenue in Legislative District 15, he simply filled out a new voter registration card indicating that was living at 28 Moultrie Avenue, in District 16, and arranged to have his mail delivered there where he might pick it up.

Of course, a year ago, when the scam was apparently becoming known to some he was concerned about, he produced the brief memo regarding the need to change the boundary line. In other words, boundary lines and rules are for other people, not for a powerful chairman of the Yonkers Democratic Committee.

Given his recent overtures with respect to the Chairman’s position on the Board of Legislators, we say, “Not so fast, Mr.Jenkins!” If 28 Moultrie Avenue in Yonkers is not your domicile address, the place where you actually live, then the voter registration card you filled out and signed on December 18, 2006 involved an act of fraud when you knowingly swore to, or affirmed, that false statement, and you have committed a felony for which, under statute, you should be “fined up to $5,000 and/or jailed for up to four years.” However, as importantly, you should be immediately stripped of your legislative post upon confirmation of your failure to meet the residence requirements in the 16th Legislative District and made to return all salary and stipends fraudulently gathered over the last, nearly, three years.


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