Thursday, December 24, 2009

Westchester Guardian Article/Ken Jenkins.

Shameless Democratic Legislators

Ken Jenkins Nominated Chairman, Does Anybody Need A Better Argument For Abolishing The County Legislature?

Last week the Democratic members of the Westchester County Board of Legislators erased any doubt in the minds of taxpayers and homeowners as to just how corrupt they truly are.

For weeks, there had been speculation regarding who would be the Board Chair come January in light of Bill Ryan’s squeak-by victory over first-time challenger Bob Hyland in the November election. Tom Abinanti, Marty Rogowski, and Ken Jenkins were all mentioned as possible successors.

Having been tipped off by sources at the Journal News that former Congressman Joe DioGuardi and Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner would be holding a function at the County Center on Thursday, calling for the abolishment of the County Legislature, Chairman Ryan quickly put together an “initiative” dubbed Westchester Renewed. At a press conference in the Rotunda at the Legislature’s chambers on Wednesday, he surrounded himself with about 40 County employees, fellow legislators, and a few municipal officers including Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton Young.

Ken Jenkins was present, but tried to stay out of camera range ducking and dodging during the presentation. The Board had passed the much-debated County Budget by a 9-8 vote on Monday. Jenkins had cast the deciding vote, in favor. The Guardian had investigated rumors that Jenkins did not live in District 16 which he has represented for two years, and determined that he and his family, in fact, live in District 15, publishing its findings in the December 3rd issue.

We pointed out the fact that Jenkins actually resides on Bushey Avenue, and not Moultrie Avenue, providing photos of the dwellings in question. Additionally, we provided a copy of a December 4th, 2008 “Memorandum Of Legislation” on Mr. Jenkins’ Board letterhead, listing himself as sponsor of proposed legislation, the purpose of which he stated was: “Local Law to correct a boundary in Legislative Districts 15 and Legislate District 16 located in the City of Yonkers”; a virtual admission that he was not living inside District 16 and wanted the boundary line changed to accommodate him.

The Guardian also provided copies of his wife’s voter registration card, truthfully indicating the family residence on Bushey Avenue, dating all the way back to April 1988, as well as Jenkins’ re-registration card, filed December 18, 2006, falsely claiming that his domicile was at 28 Moultrie Avenue, a month after Andrea Stewart-Cousins was elected to the State Senate. We also provided the dialogue of a conversation with an actual resident of 28 Moultrie Ave., who made it clear that Ken Jenkins merely came to the dwelling to pick up his mail.

Given all of the above, and the fact that we had made certain that every member of the Board was aware of Jenkins’ “credentials problem”, and the fact that he was involved in the same kind of Election Fraud felony as Wilson Soto, we addressed Chairman Ryan at the press conference with the following: “Mr. Chairman, Richard Blassberg of the Westchester Guardian: While we think it is laudible that you have taken this initiative which will determine the nature of County Government in the future, we are concerned with how you will finance the current County Government?”

“It is our understanding that the County Executive’s Budget passed by just one vote, 9-8, and that, therefore, each vote cast in favor was a deciding vote, including the vote cast by Ken Jenkins, whose credentials have come under question, given the fact that he lives in District 15, and is representing District 16.”

“Mr. Chairman, we want to know how you intend to deal with the fact that, under the circumstances, with Mr. Jenkins not lawfully voting, any County taxpayer can now bring a likely successful suit to stop the passage of the budget because there was only an 8-8 tie vote.”

Bill Ryan responded that he would “only discuss questions directly related to his initiative.”

Wednesday evening, the 13 Democratic County Legislators, including Jenkins, meeting in caucus, decided that Ken Jenkins, a man each and every one of them knows does not live in the district he represents, and a man each and every one of them knows was deeply involved in the rampant election fraud in southwest Yonkers during the Democratic Primary election, was the best choice to be the next Chairman of the County Legislature.

Does anybody need a better argument for abolishing the County Legislature?


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