Thursday, March 4, 2010

Westchester Guardian Article/Gordon Burrows/Ken Jenkins/In Our Opinion.

Jenkins & Burrows
Both Belong In Jail

In Our Opinion...

Jenkins And Burrows Both Belong In Jail

We believe it’s ludicrous that media, The Journal News, and Cablevision News12, approach the likes of Ken Jenkins, unlawfully occupying a seat on the Westchester County Legislature, for an opinion with respect to the arrest of Gordon Burrows for the use and possession of cocaine. Jenkins was quoted as saying, “As a legislative body, we work according to the law.” If that were so, Jenkins and Burrows would both be locked up. Mr. Jenkins is a liar, straight and simple. Consider the irony in the present situation. Jenkins, his wife and children, live at 108 Bushie Avenue, Yonkers, in the 15th Legislative District, which just happens to be Gordon Burrows’ district. Burrows knows that, and so does every other legislator. Yet, Jenkins, without any opposition, took over the seat once occupied by Andrea Stewart-Cousins, in the 16th District, by committing a felony, Election Fraud, re-registering, fraudulently, in December 2006, claiming a multi-family dwelling on Moultrie Avenue, more than half a mile from where he actually lives, as his domicile.

If prosecuted on just one count of Election Fraud, and convicted, he will be subject to four years in prison and a $5,000 fine. As it stands, he’s guilty of several counts over the last three years or more.

Ironically, of all of his 16 co-conspirators, the one who had the greatest obligation to expose Jenkins’ arrogant fraud, was Gordon Burrows, in whose district Jenkins actually lives. But it is so conspicuous that the County Legislature is one big joke on the taxpaying public, an unnecessary extra layer of political fat.

To prove their corrupt commitment to each other’s ripoff of their constituents, they made Jenkins their Chairman, in effect saying, “We know he’s committing a fraud, and doesn’t belong here. But we’ll show you how much we care about you people who pay our salaries and benefits. We’re going to put this fraud in your face by making him Chairman of the Board.”

Imagine, Jenkins had the gall to tell a reporter for The Journal News, referring to Burrows, “He is not the first person in Countyemployment who has been arrested, but we are held to a muchhigher standard.”

Mr. Jenkins, we couldn’t agree more. You and your co-conspirator buddies should be held to “a much higher standard,” and both you and Mr. Burrows should be locked up. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

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