Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Advocate
Richard Blassberg

Curtain Comes Down on Cavallo
Corrupt Politico A “No-Show” for 500 Guests

The long, and sleazy operations of Westchester’s most corrupt political power broker, Giulio Cavallo, have been brought to a halt as the result of the determined efforts of members of The Westchester Independence Party’s Integrity Committee, and The Citizens Against Injustice, as well as the wide-spread public exposure of his scandalous activities by The Westchester Guardian. Last Wednesday night Cavallo was scheduled to be the guest speaker at a fundraising event at New Rochelle’s Surf Club. The function, which drew some 500 guests, was organized and sponsored by Boss of Bosses, Nick Spano, long associated with Cavallo.

Reliable sources informed The Guardian that the fundraiser was originally conceived by Spano, for the purpose of raising money for Cavallo’s legal defense for, soon-to-be-revealed action by the federal government against him. Those same sources indicated that the Spano Organization was experiencing difficulty selling seats because Cavallo was the listed guest speaker. Apparently, many public figures wished to avoid contact with, or any association with, Cavallo since his recent bad press.

For the benefit of readers who are unfamiliar with Giulio Cavallo, it should be pointed out that for many years, as Chairman of the Westchester Independence Party, he has engaged in the corrupt, and self-enriching, practice of selling his party’s cross-endorsement of both Republican, and Democratic Party candidates for as much as $15-
$20,000 a pop. New York State, to our profound shame, is one of only five states, out of fifty, that permits the practice of cross-endorsement.

What has been particularly shameful, and egregious, are the huge numbers of candidates for public office, here in Westchester, as well as the entire Ninth Judicial District, in the case of State Supreme Court Judgeships, who
have been willing, over many years, to fill Cavallo’s pockets, in order to get the Independence Party Line on the ballot. Conspiring with the likes of Larry Schwartz, and Nick Spano, and with the cooperation, and protection
of Jeanine Pirro, Cavallo has operated a criminal enterprise calculated to control and subvert the electoral process.

Now that the operation has been exposed to the light of day, in all of its ugliness, politicians, and office holders throughout Westchester are fleeing from Cavallo for fear of being caught up in the ongoing investigations, by the United States Attorney’s Office, into violations of public integrity. Guilio Cavallo has become a pariah! Amen.

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