Thursday, January 25, 2007

Our Readers Respond...

Spano Loses Election, Community Grants Withdrawn

Dear Editor:

My office received a disturbing call from Kim Conklin of the Department of State. Last year Senator Nick
Spano awarded the town $126,000 for a generator and a music lab at the Theodore Young Community Center. In November the Senator lost his re-election campaign. What happened? We were advised that all grants that were awarded in 2006 by the Senator’s office prior to the election were withdrawn.

The town relied on receiving this grant to fund both programs. Two years ago – immediately after the Senate election was disputed – I received a call from a non profit organization in Ardsley that had received a substantial pre-election day grant from the Senator. The grant was in jeopardy. After the election was certified the grant was awarded.

This is politics at its worst. This highlights the need to reform the way Albany does business. I am hopeful that Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins office will be able to help. I am confident that she will be an important voice for government reform.

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

More On Judicial Steering

Dear Editor:

Did you know about the Melvyn Kaufman v. Judith S. Kaye and A. Gail Prudent case, which is currently
before the U.S. Supreme Court? What a shock; the original problem started in the Westchester County assignment of his case. Also, I understand that the Lopez case is now also before the U.S. Supreme Court.

All New Yorkers, and especially Westchester residents, should be quite proud that our corrupt ways of the selection of judicial candidates and the biased judicial assignment of the cases themselves are before our nation’s highest court.

Kevin McKeown

Kudos For Schwartz Story

Dear Editor:

Your story on Schwartz was very accurate. I have advice for you: a good reporter will find LOTS more
– including on his buddy Tolchin.

A Concerned Westchester Resident

Reader Applauds Judge Crater Story

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to say that I picked up your January 11th issue last week at the Fleetwood A&P and enjoyed
it very much. I particularly liked the Judge Crater story.

While familiar with the name, I never knew the story. I liked the way it was tied into present day politics. Keep up the good work.

Jim Wrightsman

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