Thursday, October 11, 2007

As Always, Ernie Davis Shows He’s All About Himself Afraid To Let Go, He Can’t Bring Himself To Do the Right thing

Two days prior to the primary election last month, having out-spent, by some estimates, his opponent ten-fold, and confident of easy victory, incumbent Mayor Ernie Davis told the press he would support Clinton Young if Young won. In the hours immediately following his loss Davis, still in shock, made reference to accepting the
will of the People. And, clearly, it was the will of the People, given the power of incumbency, the patronage, the jobs, and the contracts obligating hundreds of people, and their families, to Davis and his reelection.

Then there was talk about “nearly 700 affidavit ballots that could alter the outcome.” But, in fact, there were fewer than 200 valid ones. Finally, Clinton Young was certified the winner of the Mount Vernon Democratic
Primary for Mayor. For days Ernie Davis kept the media and the People of Mount Vernon wondering if he would do the right thing, and support Democrat As Always, Clinton Young as he had said he would. Of
course, those familiar with what Ernie is all about knew very well that he had no intention of doing the right thing.

Unwilling to let go, Davis has now renounced the Democratic Party, the party of working-class people, the party of social conscience, the party that supported him for many years, and now he expects the People of Mount Vernon to embrace him as a Conservative. When a candidate for office accepts a party’s endorsement, there are
certain commitments that candidate must make to that party, that one way or another, will be fulfilled, and paid for, from the public treasury, with jobs and positions of authority, and contracts, that will influence outcomes in the lives of that candidate’s constituents.

Ernie Davis is willing to throw to the wind all that he has supposedly stood for - Democratic principles, progressive social agenda and consciousness - to adopt the philosophy of, and to commit himself to, a party on the extreme right. No Rockefeller Republicans they, the Conservative Party that says, “liberal is a dirty word.”

Perhaps it’s not just Democratic principles, but all principle he’s throwing to the wind in his desperate attempt to stay in power.

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