Thursday, October 4, 2007

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Ernie Has Another Guess Coming

Word out of Mount Vernon City Hall last Wednesday had it that Ernie Davis, Nick Spano, and Giulio Cavallo were huddled together in private talks aimed at keeping Davis in the Mayor’s Office. We certainly can understand the comfort, and kinship, Davis, a man whose financial maneuverings in public office have been the subject of a federal investigation for many months now, would feel in the company of Spano and Cavallo; something about “birds of a feather.”

In any event, if Ernie Davis seriously thinks he is going to reverse the will of the People of Mount Vernon, as expressed in the Democratic Primary, despite his having spent nearly ten times what his opponent, Clinton Young, spent, he has another guess coming. Having had the advantage of incumbency, having used every possible publicly financed event and giveaway he could, and, having flooded the media with press releases and announcements, sometimes four to five a day, in his failed effort, what new tricks are Davis and his buddies conspiring to come up with in November?

Some have suggested that Davis believes he is safe from federal prosecution so long as he holds the Mayor’s Office, alluding to former Newark Mayor Sharpe James, now under a 33-count federal indictment for corruption.

The simple fact remains the People of Mount Vernon had had enough broken promises, and tired excuses for not dealing with serious issues. Knowing Ernie as they have over so many years, and how he has always been all about himself, most residents simply assumed “self-enrichment” was a big piece of his agenda. Few will be surprised when that True Bill with Ernie’s name on it is handed up in short order from the
courthouse at 300 Quarropas Street, White Plains.

Mayor Davis, while he is still the mayor, would do well to not only concede his defeat in the primary as a gentleman, but also to reach out to Clinton Young and the new administration, offering to seriously assist
them in transition, and the task of moving forward with all possible resources and speed to overcome the issues presently confronting Mount Vernon. After twelve years at the helm, that is the least constituents who
placed their confidence in him are entitled to.

Once again, We would urge Ernie Davis to abandon any notion of frustrating the will of Mount Vernon’s People. Against all odds, against the so-called political analysts, and those who would intimidate voters, they have spoken up and have made it abundantly clear that it is time for a change. It is time for a new vision, time for Mount Vernon to move forward and once again be a peaceful, productive, and energetic environment in which to raise a family and conduct business, a city whose residents may once again speak of it with pride.

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